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Blagojevic: The Kosovo problem and the elections as joint vessels (N1)

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Correspondent of the Belgrade based news agency Beta from Brussels, Dragan Blagojevic told N1 that the international dimension of the Kosovo problem is reflected in the internal plan – elections.

“Obviously, this is double-tied, as merged vessels. I see the postponement of the decision on elections in function, among other things, not only of internal politics, but it is obvious that Kosovo had a specific weight,” Blagojevic says.

The Germans took the main initiative to solve the Kosovo problem, he says.

“It may have been extorted since Americans were the first who began taking over the baton in the Western Balkans,” Blagojevic says.

In his view, there is a split in Brussels when it comes to the idea of demarcation as a possible solution to the Kosovo problem.

“The Germans are still arguing that the borders do not need to be changed,” he said.

Speaking about the meeting of Western Balkan political leaders in Berlin on April 29, Blagojevic recalled that the differences between France and Germany, on whose initiative the meeting is organized, are large.

“And I do not know how they can come out with a unique attitude of the Germans and the French and offer something to Vucic, Thaci and others, if there is no loosening on both sides,” he says.

Blagojevic adds that in Brussels think that Ramush Haradinaj was guilty of breaking the dialogue.

“They consider that he blocked not only the Brussels agreement and dialogue, but that he also jeopardized regional cooperation through trade,” Blagojevic says.

He adds that to Brussels was confusing how the tariff has not been abolished yet, especially because Americans demand it.

“It is about tactics. It is believed that if there is a greater pressure and Haradinaj resigns, than they wonder what it could be and who would come to power, whether the Self-Determination of Albin Kurti, or someone else who is even fiercer opponent of all this,” he says.

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