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Vucic: Kosovo cannot become a consolidated state without Serbia (KoSSev)

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When it comes to Kosovo we are all lost in space and time, Europe is asking for a delay of the solution, the Serbian public does not want to accept any solution, and Kosovo public does not want to accept that Kosovo cannot be a state without Serbia – the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said at an international conference in Belgrade yesterday.

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic spoke with former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder at the World Minds conference yesterday. The Belgrade conference brought together world-leading innovators, scientists, business leaders, and artists. In addition to the economic situation, relations with Russia and the attitude towards the EU, President Vucic briefly spoke about the Kosovo issue during the conference.

”We are lost in space and time. And I’m telling the truth when I say that we, because I do not mean just Serbs, are in the same boat,” Vucic described the current situation of the process of resolving the Kosovo issue, illustrating it through an anecdote on the events following a ”five-hour-long conversation with very important European countries. ”

”After five hours, one of these people led me behind a door and told me, well, Aleksandar, I have a message for you –continue to hesitate and stall everything … But why did we talk about that for five hours then? And you always publicly say that we need to speed things up, to set everything in motion, to end this crisis. This means that they do not know what to do with us, and we do not know how to deal with this problem,” Vucic said.

The President added that everyone in Serbia knows that they are against every solution and that everyone would say no to any proposal.

Vucic then criticized Kosovo society.

”They do not understand that they cannot become a consolidated state without Serbia. They cannot do anything in the future without Serbia. They still live in 1999. Everything is about the alleged Serbian aggression and I do not know how we are going to solve it,” he added.

Finally, the President concluded that Serbia will ”preserve peace and stability.”

See at: https://bit.ly/2M2GYKv

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