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Popov: Several options for resolving Haradinaj’s case, ‘political engineering’ possible (TV N1)

By   /  22/07/2019  /  Comments Off on Popov: Several options for resolving Haradinaj’s case, ‘political engineering’ possible (TV N1)

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Director of the Center for Regionalism, Aleksandar Popov told TV N1 resignation of Ramush Haradinaj could unblock the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, if there are no new elections. But in case he returns from The Hague without indictment, it could reinforce his and the position of his political party. Still, Popov did not exclude the possibility of ‘a political engineering.’

“I was on Friday in Pristina when this happened, and I listened to the people familiar with the political situation in Kosovo. And many of them think this is American deed, Haradinaj did his part with the tariffs, in a manner to exert pressure on Serbia and the time has come for some more complaint players (…),” Popov opined.

On the other hand, there is a possibility of forming a new government without elections, so it could revoke the tariffs and continue the negotiations, which, according to Popov would mean that the idea on delineation would be back to the table again.

He, however, would not exclude possibility of ‘a political engineering.’

“I would recall that Fatmir Sejdiu went to US as Kosovo President and returned as an ordinary citizen. It looked like that in two days he realized he has violated the Constitution and already at the airport he announced his resignation. He allegedly realized he was mistaken because he was the President of Kosovo and of his political party at the same time,” Popov said.

“’Political engineering’ may do many things. If new elections are called, it means new postponement of the dialogue, and also Serbia is facing new elections in the spring, and it does not suit many, neither EU nor USA,” Popov explained.

Asked why the stories about the charges against Haradinaj are lacking, Popov said “the moment in which things happen is interesting.”

“One may ask – if the establishment of the Special Court for KLA crimes is a consequence of Dick Marty’s report about “Yellow House” the question is why Hashim Thaci did not go to The Hague before Haradinaj? If Haradinaj went there, without solid evidence, if he goes to The Hague and comes back, he would be a double hero, a man who has defeated The Hague and a man with a firm stance on Serbia would score many points.”

Popov further said that population in Kosovo is indoctrinated with the stories that the war in Kosovo was righteous and there were heroes only, but not the crimes. Others, who luckily exist, think it is a burden for Kosovo if the rule of the war heroes continues who at the expense of citizens get paid excessively for their war merits.

Commenting on the arrest of Goran Stanisic at Jarinje crossing point, Popov said “it is a system of merged blood vessels.”

“Everything that happens here regarding Kosovo, our people in the enclaves are paying for. I was in Klina, spoke with the Serbs living there, and they said any such event goes at their expense,” Popov said, adding that Serbs living in enclaves are in the most difficult position.

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