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Drecun on Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Haradinaj (RTS)

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Chairman of the Serbian National Assembly Committee for Kosovo and Metohija, Milovan Drecun told RTS in order to continue the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue it is necessary to revoke the tariffs and stronger engagement of the international community.

RTS recalled that EU Enlargement and Neighborly Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn said earlier resolution of the Kosovo issue is a priority for the international community and it is crucial for the development of an entire region. At the same time, the EU did not make Pristina revoke the tariffs so far.

“If priority is reflected in tolerating unilateral acts there is no solution. I am not sure the EU had no mechanisms to influence Pristina. Stronger engagement of the international community is therefore important for the dialogue to continue,” Drecun said.

Speaking about Ramush Haradinaj Drecun noted he used the summon of the Special Court in The Hague to advance his rating.

“When Ramush Haradinaj said that by going to The Hague he defends the honor of the KLA, many Albanians see him as a hero, which indicates unreadiness of the large number of Albanians to face the crimes KLA has committed,” Drecun said. According to him, witnesses of these crimes still exists.

“The witnesses exist; however, the question is why they have not been used so far (…). One must work fast because the prosecution is soon to decide if it would raise indictments. Regardless of our doubts, we must do our utmost to help the prosecution to raise the indictments in order to get the justice (served),” Drecun said.

Commenting on the meeting in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron announced for autumn, Drecun said much depends upon the situation in Pristina.

“France has announced stronger engagement and more dynamic activities. Macron demonstrated that he wants to get engaged in reaching a compromise, however, it depends upon political scene in Pristina as well. Uncertain political situation in Pristina complicates continuation of the dialogue,” Drecun concluded.


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