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Radosavljevic and Janjic on the pre-election atmosphere in Kosovo (N1)

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Leposavic based TV Mir editor told regional broadcaster N1 ”the Serbian List already begun to exert pressures and blackmail citizens in northern Kosovo”.

Chairman of the Main Board of the Forum for Ethnic Relations Dusan Janjic said that the Serbian List will barely win eight seats in this election, adding that the idea was to silence every other voice in Kosovo.

Radosavljevic said that the Serbian List was an interest group using all instruments that the West given to Aleksandar Vucic to do whatever they want, through pressures and blackmail. Pressures and blackmail are most often carried out through salaries in Serbian institutions, investments and subsidies, that is, threats to leave the people without them, said Radosavljevic.

“Most likely, two councillors in the North Mitrovica Municipal Assembly will leave the CI SDP. Marko Jaksic left yesterday as an act of protest. Very few can put up with such pressure,” Radosavljevic said.

Radosavljevic mentioned the elections of 2013, when according to him, 8,000 votes were stolen; there was a votes’ theft in Kosovo, which was something the international organizations, such the OSCE, have turned a blind eye to it.

Janjic said that the Kosovo Constitution guarantees 10 seats in the Assembly, and that Serbian List won nine in the last elections and expressed doubt that it will succeed in getting eight seats this time.

He opined that because of this, Serbian parties should take part in the elections in several lists and that this was an issue which the Serbian List should think about, instead of stifling every other political voice.

“Objectively, the dialogue died sometime in 2016 when Joseph Biden came up with the idea of special envoy for the Balkans, and here you have the realization. After three wasted years, we have a Special Envoy Matthew Palmer. The process is unfolding in the “kitchens” of big and small players, the text of the Agreement is being written. Another matter is the degree of democracy and how much is known about these platforms,” Janjic said.


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