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Covic: Kurti talks what international stakeholders want to hear (RTS)

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There is nothing logical or realistic in Kosovo, much of that is surreal, the former chief of the Serbian Coordination Centre for Kosovo and Metohija Nebojsa Covic told RTS. He added that Albanians want conflict, but the Serbian community should be seen as a culprit.

RTS recalled that Albanian members of the Central Election Commission on Sunday reported being poisoned after getting in touch with election material from central Serbia. At the same time, Serb members of the Central Election Commission had no symptoms, however they remain concerned.

Srpska Lista warned that votes are left unprotected and that Albanians want to manipulate them. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic also said that the acts directed against Srpska Lista may have catastrophic consequences on the Serb-Albanian relations.

Covic noted that what Albanians are doing with the ballots had been seen already and that they are “the specialists for such occurrences and creating the scandals”. He also said this is an attempt to compromise Srpska Lista and eliminate it.

“According to their constitution they will not be able to do so, however, it is obvious this would make the position of Srpska Lista more difficult. Kurti made an agreement with Petrovic and Rasic regarding the two ministries, for returns and minority communities. It seems to me there are thoughts about the third ministry. These people have no links with Srpska Lista and they are not direct representatives of the Serbian community,” Covic said.

He added, even though they want to eliminate Srpska Lista from the Parliament, it is not possible, because the law stipulates that the Serb community must have ten representatives. Covic opined that the event on Sunday was a performance for the international community. “They are skillful that in cooperation with certain international stakeholders create such an environment and discredit the Serbs. The politics of the Albanian officials are based on hatred against the Serbs and does not lead towards a solution,” Covic said.

He also expects that Albin Kurti as Kosovo Prime Minister would continue to actively and aggressively fight against Serbia. Covic added that “Kurti is educated man and knows to talk what international stakeholders want to hear”.

According to Covic, the international community is “delighted to hear” that Kuri announced fight against organized crime and war crimes. He also wants to transform the special police unit ROSU and retire former KLA members.

“There would be no boring times, it would be complex and lots of efforts would be needed to stabilize the situation and do not enter conflict they want. They want conflict, but that Serbian community should be declared as a culprit,” Covic concluded.

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