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Thaci for Handelsblatt: Kosovo is fighting radical elements (Kosovapress)

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The well-known German daily which covers politics, economy and finance, “Handelsblatt” reported that Kosovo’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hashim Thaci, is fighting in many fronts, against radical elements, emigrant crisis and strengthening of the statehood. In an interview for this daily, Thaci said that war against terrorism and emigrant crisis can be overcome only if there is a more intensive cooperation among the Balkans states and the European Union. Speaking about the war against terrorism and especially the attacks in Paris, Thaci said that Balkans can help in many ways, and especially on discovering and preventing dangers. “Therefore, Kosovo is aiming membership at INTERPOL, not only to have access on information, but also to be able to contribute on gathering and distribution of valuable information. Kosovo can also contribute as an example of tolerant interpretation of religion and inter-religious coexistence. According to him, the government has undertaken several significant steps in the war against terrorism. Kosovo has endorsed the legislation which sanctions participation of Kosovo people in armed wars and conflicts outside Kosovo. “We have acted against radical elements by arresting almost 100 individuals, including Imams who had influence. They are now waiting for the verdict of the court,” Thaci said. He added that there were several cases when individuals from Kosovo joined ISIS, however, he added that there are no new cases, and the process has been completely interrupted. According to Thaci, communities from almost all major religions of the world live in Kosovo for centuries in tolerance, understanding, respect and cooperation. He added that this experience could be a good example for Europe and the World.

During this extensive interview Thaci was also asked about reflections on eventual closing of the European borders for emigrants. According to him, this could cause short-term tensions in Balkans, which could be overcome through coordination among the countries of the region and the EU.

He also spoke about the isolation of Kosovo people who are still prevented from the right to move without visas in countries of the Schengen zone. He said that despite the fulfillment of all EU criteria Kosovo people are still being unjustly kept isolated. “We expect recommendation of the European Council for liberalization of visas this year, and then next year, we expect this recommendation to come into power,” Thaci said.

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