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Cadez: Pristina’s taxes lead to bizarre moments, Kosovo police confiscates gift packages (RTS, KoSSev)

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Kosovo police confiscated in Mitrovica South 140 gift packages dedicated to the primary schools’ children in Serb-populated villages of Osojane and Gorazdevac, on the occasion of Saint Sava Day, RTS reports.

President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Cadez told RTS that Pristina’s decision on taxes lead to bizarre moments. He noted that neither Serb nor Kosovo companies are in favor of the current situation, adding he hopes those in power would soon realize that.

“Even during the worst times, during the wars, people managed to send humanitarian aid and gift packages to different areas, and now it is not possible,” Cadez said for the RTS morning news edition.

He also noted there is no serious political representative in the international system, who did not say taxes should be revoked. “We expect they would resort to logical decisions and return to the cooperation we used to have,” Cadez said.

Kosovo police late yesterday confiscated 140 gift packages, under explanation that they contain “illegal products” from central Serbia, while the driver of the “Kolasin prevoz” bus, transporting the gifts was issued a misdemeanour note.

Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija condemned the move, saying that such “pirate and banditry attack” equalizes “candies and snacks” with “narcotics and weapons” asking what other steps Pristina authorities are up to undertake. The office noted that some gift packages “were ripped and destroyed.”

Kosovo side did not make any official announcement on the mater yet, KoSSev portal added.

Radio kontakt plus reported later that gift packages should be “released” from the customs in Mitrovica South and delivered to intended recipients later during the day.

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