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Drecun: London’s warning political maneuver (Tanjug, Dnevnik)

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A warning London has sent to the British citizens saying they should not travel to the north of Kosovo resembles more a political maneuvre that has something else in its background, and not security threats, interlocutors told Tanjug news agency. They also noted if British services have such information, they should share it with Belgrade, Pristina and KFOR.

Serbian National Assembly Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Chairperson Milovan Drecun said the warning that the British Foreign Office sent to their citizens not to travel to the north of Kosovo represents an extreme assessment and a politicized story that does not reflect the reality, unless the British services know Albanians are preparing something.

Drecun told Tanjug, British services have lately been very active in the north of Kosovo, gathering the information and making security assessments.

He added neither “insignificant” protests in the north of Kosovo can disrupt stability nor something else, including some incidents caused by Albanians and their extremism, can be a reason for such an assessment that London has made. “It remains slightly unclear how has come to have this warning now,” Drecun said.

Meanwhile, a diplomat Zoran Milivojevic also told Tanjug the warning of the British Foreign Office resembles more political rather than a real assessment of the security issues.

According to Milivojevic it would be fair if British, in case they have information pointing out to the security problems, should share it with the Serbian side, but also with KFOR and Pristina.

“I do not see Americans are following that warning and what does it mean when US Ambassador was visiting the north at that time,” Milivojevic said, adding it remains unclear if the warning was issued based on security assessment or was it political and in service to excerpt pressure and create an environment of uneasiness.

Earlier Allied NATO Forces Commander Admiral James Foggo said there is no danger in the Serbian municipalities in the north of Kosovo, and that US Ambassador in Pristina Philip Kosnett would not be visiting the northern part of Mitrovica should the situation be dangerous.



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