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UNMIK Headlines 15 December

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• Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on Kosovo
• Statement by the Representative of Secretary General (media)
• Kosovo leaders: Army will serve to peace and stability of the region (Epoka)
• Pacolli’s message on the army addressed to the world countries (RTK)
• Kosovo’s Foreign Ministry responds to Maja Kocijancic (media)
• NATO to look into relation with KSF during its next meeting (media)
• Russia requests from KFOR to demilitarize and disband KSF (Koha)
• France recognizes Kosovo’s army (media)
• Serbian Army Chief of Staff: We are vigilantly monitoring situation in Kosovo (RTK)
• FYROM against creation of Kosovo’s army (Zeri)
• Bolton stresses the need for speedy agreement between Kosovo and Serbia (Koha)
• Haradinaj with a draft-book on issues to be discussed with Serbia (Koha)
• Assembly to gather for extraordinary session today at 14:00 hours (Koha)
• “Harshest condemnation of so-called Kosovo army” (Serbian Government, B92)
• Djuric: Illegal formation in Serbian territory, do not join it (B92)
• UN SC session on Monday, West seeking session “behind closed doors” (Tanjug, TASS)

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