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Belgrade Media Report 4 December

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Merkel to Vucic: Kosovo dialogue, rule of law of crucial importance (RTS; N1)
Vucic: It is a hostile act of Montenegro; I’m horrified (RTS)
Office for Kosovo and Metohija: Continuous efforts to Albanianize Serbian culture and history (RTS)
EU sources: Serbia will not open new chapter in negotiations this year (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Vulin meets with Lukac and Dodik; RS and Serbia to continue cooperation on migration, terrorism and suppression of organized crime (ATV)
B&H Presidency Chairman Dodik reacts to PIC SB’s Communiqué: Right to self-determination included in Constitution of B&H, Inzko behaves as if he has not read that (RTRS)
Nine of 14 HJPC members deem Tegeltija should resign; Tegeltija: Because of my deciding vote at the session, I will consider possibility of tendering my resignation (BN TV)
EUD to B&H calls on Tegeltija to act responsibly and protect HJPC by heeding calls of HJPC members for his resignation (FTV)
HR Inzko: HJPC is the problem of all problems in B&H (Hayat)
US Embassy: HJPC is in critical condition (BHT1)
Prosecutor’s Office of B&H receives criminal report filed by B&H HJPC President Tegeltija (EuroBlic)
‘NATO 2030’ expert report submitted to NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: NATO needs to strengthen its role in B&H (Dnevni avaz)
NATO HQ Commander Edwards: NATO expects B&H to submit Program of Reforms for 2021 (Nezavisne)
It is questionable if joint military exercise of B&H and Serbia will be held under auspices of NATO (N1)

MPs to vote on Krivokapic’s government today (CDM)
Abazovic: It is true that I was offered 21 million euros not to overthrow the regime of Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic (TV Vijesti)

North Macedonia
Zaev’s political career ends in the coming days: There are coalition partners of Zaev who will support the vote of no confidence in the Government (Infomax)

European Parliament: The government and the opposition should commit for the upcoming general elections (Radio Tirana)
GRECO: Albania must implement laws to prevent corruption of Government (Tirana Times)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, December 4, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID – 19: 478 new cases, 11 deaths (media)
• “Kosovo and Albania, stability factor in the region” (RTK)
• Kosovo-Serbia dialogue in Brussels planned to continue next week (RFE, media)
• Kosovo Assembly adopts draft law on economic recovery (media)
• Increased focus on Balkans under Biden’s administration (VoA, RTK)
• Simmons to report to the Legislation Committee on 18 January (RTK)

Serbian Language Media:

• Covid-19 in Serbian communities: 77 new cases, 18 cures (Kontakt plus radio)
• Stano: Belgrade and Pristina negotiators on Thursday in Brussels (RTS, Tanjug)
• Vucic on coronavirus measures, vaccines (B92)
• Kon: Situation extremely difficult, but system has not collapsed (B92, RTS)
• Will KOSTT take over energy supply management in the north as of December 14th? (KoSSev)
• Office for KiM: Disinformation campaign, electricity supply in north from EPS system will not be endangered (Kosovo-online)
• EU’s sources: Serbia stands no chance of opening accession chapter in 2020 (Beta, N1)
• Merkel to Vucic: Kosovo dialogue, rule of law of crucial importance (N1)
• Preparatory hearing in Ivanovic’s murder case interrupted, new hearing in seven days (KoSSev)
• Lawyer Vasic: I am angry as never before, the trial was postponed for no reason, while people are in detention for two years (Kosovo Online)
• “Recent incidents show how sensitive situation is” (Kontakt plus radio, RTK2)
• “In last two decades, Serbian religious and cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija has often been target of destructive attacks” (Office for KIM, media)


• Why is Kosovo cautious about joining the ‘mini-Schengen’? (Daily Sabah)


• Albania’s Parliament to Probe Allegations of KLA Crimes (Balkan Insight)
• UN Chief: Global COVID-19 Recovery Will Take Years (VoA)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, December 4

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• COVID – 19: 709 new cases, 22 deaths (media)
• “Hospitals will be overloaded as a result of carelessness” (media)
• UN chief: Pandemic hit poorest and most vulnerable the hardest (media)
• PM Hoti: Roundtable of political parties on President post soon (media)
• Kosovo Assembly to meet today, expected to adopt economic recovery bill (media)
• PDK won’t support Haradinaj or Mustafa for President (media)
• Kosovo signs economic cooperation framework with UN agencies (media)
• Merkel, Vucic discuss dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia (media)
• Vucic implies continuation of dialogue with Kosovo (media)
• Albanian Foreign Minister to visit Kosovo today (media)

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