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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, April 12, 2021

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, April 12, 2021

Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 345 new cases, 8 deaths (media)
• Kurti: Governing programme to be technically finalised soon (media)
• PDK: Kurti focusing on Albania’s election rather than securing vaccines (media)
• LDK’s Abdixhiku slams Kurti government (media)
• Kosovo officials accused of ‘irresponsible’ meddling in Albania election (BIRN)
• “Government to treat vaccination of teachers as priority” (media)
• Expert: Youth more threatened by UK variant of the virus (media)
• Caplan: There will be pressure on Kurti for dialogue (Radio Free Europe)

Serbian Language Media:

• Eight new cases of Covid-19 registered in Serbian areas on Sunday (Kontakt plus radio)
• Father Sava reacts to accusations: Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you (social media, KoSSev)
• Brnabic, Office for KiM, Serbian List react to accusations against Father Sava (Radio KIM)
• Europa Nostra: Decani should not be a source of conflict, but a valuable link between citizens (KoSSev)
• Harsh reactions in Kosovo media to Decani Monastery’s inclusion in 7 Most Endangered 2021 (KoSSev)
• Fr. Sava: Paradox that Church must remind Kosovo to respect its own laws and Constitution (KoSSev)
• Health house in village of Gojbulja broken into (RTS)
• Kurti posts about LVV candidates in Albanian elections; the media and the opposition accuse him of running a campaign (KoSSev)
• Petkovic: There is no place at the negotiating table for guns (KiM radio)
• Gogic: Stability while the “honeymoon” lasts (KiM radio, Slobodno Srpski)
• Russian Ambassador says partnership with Serbia has ”cosmic prospects” (N1, Beta)
• Lajcak: Agreement possible in a few months if there is political will in Belgrade and Pristina (Beta, Kosovo Online)


• Generations of Albanians lived off cannabis production. Can they stop? (BIRN)
• Thousands rally in Serbia to protect the environment (AP)
• Death of British Queen’s Husband Severs a Balkan Link (Balkan Insight)


• Digital Trustbuilding Week (RTK2)
• Rakic with UN and IOM representatives on return of displaced persons (Kosovo-online)

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Belgrade Media Report 12 April 2021

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Monday 12 April 2021


Vucic: What German Ambassador has said is not true, but he’s a good man (Beta/Politika)
Office for Kosovo and Metohija: Pristina hiding truth about Decani (RTS/Tanjug)
Petkovic: Future in peace, no room for arms in dialogue (RTS/Tanjug/Politika)
Dacic: Talks to amend election process start on 19 April (TV Pink/Beta)
Eco rally takes place in Belgrade (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Inzko says Serb people are brave and honorable, there is no collective responsibility for war crimes (EuroBlic)
Dodik: RS deserves peaceful life, not burdened by constant interventions of foreigners, which bring nothing good (TV Balkan)
Dodik: It is necessary to appoint new CEC in order to change electoral legislation (Glas Srpske)
Bosniak political parties to undermine US’ initiative (Dnevni list)
Early elections held in Travnik Municipality on Sunday; HDZ B&H boycotts elections in Travnik (BHT1)

PM: The opposition still can’t stand the fact they lost power (CdM)
Markovic: This government has already fallen (Pobjeda)
Stano: Changes regarding citizenship only with consultations (TVCG)
Republic of North Macedonia

Zaev will meet Sela and Gashi to ask them to unblock the parliament (Republika/Telma TV)
Top Albanian Islamist was given a Macedonian passport in 2018 (Republika)

How the Socialist Party is monitoring confidential information on 910 thousand citizens (Tirana Times/Lapsi.al)
Kim: US supports Albania’s justice reform! (Radio Tirana)
Over 13 thousand citizens of Kosovo crossed the border with Albania only yesterday to spend the weekend (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, April 12, 2021

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COVID-19: 537 new cases, 12 deaths (media) Disturbing influx of Kosovo citizens towards Albania during weekend (media) Dialogue with Serbia considered key issue in foreign policy (Koha) Analysts: Greece more likely to recognise Kosovo independence (media) The fear of Kosovo women to report sexual harassment at work (BIRN) Hoxhaj: Government strategy to respond to Serbia’s […]

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