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Agreements reached to be scanned first before dialogue can resume, analysts say (Kallxo)

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The news website notes that although the results of the October 6 snap elections in Kosovo have yet to be certified and new institutions to be formed, there are continuous international calls for Kosovo and Serbia to resume the process of dialogue. Kosovo’s partners, primarily the United States of America, have furthered their role in the process, as the Trump administration has appointed Richard Grenell, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, as a presidential envoy for the Kosovo – Serbia peace talks. Political analysts in Pristina meanwhile argue that before dialogue can resume, the new institutions of Kosovo must be formed, and a thorough analysis should be done into the process of dialogue and the agreements signed so far. Behlul Beqaj, political commentator, told the news website: “the fact that this problem [the dialogue] has not been resolved for seven years shows that there were serious flaws in efforts to find the right solution for the normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo. Therefore, it is very important to have an analysis of the agreements reached so far, their content, why some of them have not been implemented, some were partly implemented, and some others were fully implemented”. He further argued that more important than the timeline of the process is the content “if we don’t want the dialogue to have the same outcome it has had so far”. “This is why Kurti believes it is more important to have a content than a quick agreement with a questionable content,” he added. Violeta Haxholli, a researcher with the Kosovo Democratic Institute, said the new institutions need to be formed first before one can talk about resuming the dialogue with Serbia. “As we know, the 100 percent import tariff on Serbia imposed by the outgoing government is still in power and it was one of the reasons why dialogue was suspended. So, the tariff is the first challenge that awaits the new government and prime minister. We need to see what approach the new government will have on the tariff and vis-à-vis Serbia in general, and see if the process of dialogue can continue, and this depends on the readiness of both sides,” she said. Haxholli added that the new government would need to undertake two steps before resuming dialogue. “The first step would be to scan the previous process of dialogue. The new government would have to analyse the whole process and the agreements reached so far in order to evidence the effects of the agreements and problems and challenges related to their implementation … The second step would be to build and consolidate a state position on dialogue. The new government would have to lead broad-based discussions with all parties on what Kosovo’s approach should be toward Serbia, Kosovo’s demands in the dialogue and the red lines that should not be passed in the process,” she said.

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