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Kosovo in crisis if PAN fails, LDK-Vetevendosje coalition, difficult (Lajmi.net)

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Kosovo could enter crisis with regards to creation of the institutions, if the winning coalition, PAN, does not manage to gather required votes, being that coalition between Vetevendosje movement and the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), is assessed as very difficult to be reached.

LDK officials including the candidate of this party for Prime Minister, Avdulah Hoti, continuously claim that they would not join a coalition with PAN or Vetevendosje.

Political analysts consider that PAN’s failure on constitution of the institutions would mean political crisis. Analyst Imer Mushkolaj considers that this should not happen but it cannot be excluded either.

“There could be crisis, however I consider that there is no need for crisis, being that no matter if PAN has the numbers or not, I believe that there is possibility for cooperation, if the political parties have the will not to block, respectively not to go for another round of elections. However, as it usually happens, major caprice and interests are involved, especially those of the leaders, therefore I cannot exclude the possibility of crisis,” Mushkolaj said.

Speaking about the possibility of cooperation between Vetevendosje movement and LDK, Mushkolaj said compromise is required in order to cooperate, however he says that compromise means giving in by both parties, and not for one party to claim to take everything while the other party remains without anything.

Former member of the Central Election Commission, Blerim Burjani, said that Kosovo is entering crisis of 2014. According to him, a consensual candidate for Prime Minister would have been an option to overcome crisis.

“I think that an option to overcome crisis would be for PAN to propose a consensual candidate in order to unblock the current situation and to have a government that would function for a half mandate, so for two years, in order to complete some important works  for the country. Otherwise, crisis, or political stalemate would be goong on for months,” Burjani said.

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