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UNMIK Headlines 15 August

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• LAA’s initiative does not “heal” political stalemate (Koha)
• Hoxhaj: Ideas to change the borders, dangerous (Zeri)
• PAN to participate in consultations but not at the session (Zeri)
• EU requests constitution of the Assembly (RTK, Epoka)
• Konjufca: LDK rejected Kurti’s invitation for coalition (Radio Dukagjini)
• Revitalisation of Mitrovica bridge, uncompleted (Klan Kosova)
• Pacolli: PAN is violating the Constitution (Klan Kosova)

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Kosovo Media Highlights


LAA’s initiative does not “heal” political stalmate (Koha)

Head of the LAA coalition parliamentary group, Avdullah Hoti, has presented an initiative to address the Constitutional Court with several questions, in order to overcome the institutional blockade. However, Article 113 of the Constitution stresses that only authorised parties can raise issues at the Court, therefore experts are in a dilemma if the Constitutional Court would accept to respond as the MPs are not among the authorized parties to raise constitutional issues as the Assembly has not yet been constituted.. “It is not sufficiently clear if MPs can request interpretations from the Constitutional Court on  cases when a decision taken by the Assembly is contested,” said Albert Krasniqi, from the Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI). The LAA has decided to consult experts on Wednesday and on the same day, the PAN coalition will participate in consultations on setting a date for resuming the constitutive session of the Assembly.

Hoxhaj: Ideas to change the borders, dangerous (Zeri)

Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Enver Hoxhaj, continued to object Serbia’s ideas for division of Kosovo. After the statements of Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic, Hoxhaj said on Monday that Kosovo’s multi-ethnic society and its borders are recognized internationally. He stressed that recent ideas are dangerous and unacceptable.

PAN to participate in consultations but not at the session (Zeri)

Besim Beqaj, member of the chairmanship of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), announced during a press conference on Monday that they would participate at the consultative meeting with political parties on Wednesday called by  Assembly chairman Adem Mikullovci. He further explained that the only reason the PAN coalition is not participating at the Assembly session is that they need some additional consultations and added that the situation will be resolved very soon.

The paper further reports that after the failure to hold the constitutive session on Monday, Mikullovci gave an ultimatum, stating that the PAN coalition has only one more chance for consultations with representatives of the political parties.

EU requests constitution of the Assembly (RTK, Epoka)

After the failure to constitute the Assembly on Monday, the EU Director for Western Balkans, Angelina Eichhorst, advised political parties in Kosovo to act responsibly and to fulfil their constitutional obligations. “No progress today. The Assembly of Kosovo should constitute. Parliamentary parties should act with responsibility and fulfil their legal and constitutional obligations,” Eichhorts wrote on her Twitter account.

Konjufca: LDK rejected Kurti’s invitation for coalition (Radio Dukagjini)

The Vetevendosje movement MP, Glauk Konjufca, said on Monday that the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), has rejected Albin Kurti’s coalition invitation coalition. “There was some kind of cooperation and let us say that there was a good flow during the first two or three weeks after the elections. But let us also say that during the last two or three weeks, LDK has in a way become passive when cooperation with Vetevendosje is concerned. We have not had any meetings. Vetevendosje is continuously open to invite LDK… Albin Kurti addressed Isa Mustafa directly, but there was no response,” Konjufca said.

Pacolli: PAN is violating the Constitution (Klan Kosova)

The leader of the Alliance for New Kosovo (AKR), Behxhet Pacolli, took to Facebook to write that with the boycott of the Assembly’s constitutive session, the PAN coalition is violating the constitution. He stressed that the Constitution notes that MPs have to participate at plenary sessions. He also wrote that instead of resolving crisis, the Constitutional Court is deepening them.

Revitalisation of Mitrovica bridge, uncompleted (Klan Kosova)

Klan Kosova reports that despite the removal of the “Peace Park” from Mitrovica Bridge, there are still barriers which make the freedom of movement impossible. Works at the northern part of the bridge have been interrupted at the request of the municipal mayor Goran Rakic, with a justification of security threat.  However, this is unacceptable for the mayor of Mitrovica Sourth, Agim Bahtiri. He considers that Kosovo institutions and the EU Office in Kosovo should make pressure on Rakic to stop hindering the project. Kosovo Police commander in the north, Besim Hoti, also said that there is no reason for security concerns.



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