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Dveri: It is necessary to organize referendum on Kosovo (BETA, B92)

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It is necessary to organize a referendum in Serbia with a clear question, do you support that Kosovo and Metohija remain in its own state, Dveri Movement announced, Serbian media reported.

Leader of the Dveri Movement, Bosko Obradovic, while presenting the conclusions of the roundtable on the current situation in Kosovo, said he will launch an initiative to establish a working group to prepare acts and documents for the defence of Kosovo and Metohija within the state of Serbia.

Obradovic also said, it is necessary to organize a free public dialogue prior to the referendum, so the citizens could get acquainted with all the circumstances that led to the current situation of a necessity to definitely hand over Kosovo to the Albanian minority, Serbian media reported.

“We condemn and reject the policy of the President of the Republic (Aleksandar Vucic) and the Government of Serbia related to Kosovo and Metohija, as such policy over the last five years leads not only to factual but also legal recognition of the so-called state of Kosovo,” Obradovic said.

He also sent a message to the Serbian public there is a way for Serbia to get out from such devastating policy that “destroys the entire history of Serbia and its existence today”.

“The issue of Kosovo and Metohija should return within the framework of the UN SC and in line with that the state of Serbia should gradually start to renounce the co-operation with EULEX Mission in Kosovo and Metohija,” Obradovic said, adding that talks with Prsitina within the Brussels agreement should cease, as they are “renouncing of Kosovo and Metohija” by Serbia.

Obradovic also said it is necessary to launch an initiative at the Constitutional Court of Serbia over constitutionality of an oath taken by the ministers, MPs, municipal assembly members, judges and police officers, “upon the encouragement and approval” of the Serbian Government, before the institutions “of the fake state of Kosovo”.

Leader of the Constitutional Movement, Slobodan Samardzic commenting of the internal dialogue on Kosovo, launched by President Vucic, said that this dialogue was so far quite chaotic.

“Until now there was no sufficient presence of the public in that public dialogue. Now dialogue should move to the institutional phase,” Samrdzic said, adding that in March 2018 he does not expect a document containing anything new.

In addition to Bosko Obradovic and Slobodan Samardzic, representative of the Peoples Movement Fatherland from Kosovo, Marko Jaksic, Geo-Strategical Centre Director, Dragana Trifkovic, representative of the Eastern Initiative, Dragan Todorovic and international law professor, Dejan Mitrovic attended the roundtable.




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