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“Internal dialogue” and its results (Radio KIM)

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Once year after the launch of internal dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija, a question arises if it existed at all, since no conclusions so far came out of it, RTV KIM reports.

Leader of the Progressive-Democratic Party (PDS), Nenad Rasis told RTV KIM there was no dialogue in fact, and such dialogue was senseless since it did not take place at an adequate level.

“The dialogue did not exist from the very beginning, it was constructed in a way that certain group of people goes there and tells and confirms everything that comes from dialogue organizers (…),” Rasic said, adding “that the dialogue made no sense if Kosovo Serbs were not involved in it and if there was no possibility to hear different stances.”

Caglavica Media Centre Director Budimi Nicic told RTV KIM it is strange that after launching of internal dialogue it received a huge public attention, and now it is unknown if this dialogue ended at all.

“We have not heard any conclusion from that dialogue, from all these roundtables organized. If it is concluded at all, most probably expectations of those who launched the internal dialogue were not fulfilled, and I think this is the reason why it is no longer mentioned in the public,” Nicic said.

Member of Serb National Forum and Professor at Faculty of Medicine, Aleksandar Corac said he does not see dialogue contributed to any progress in terms of reaching a common stance on a final solution. According to Corac society became even more disunited regarding Kosovo issue, RTV KIM reported.

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