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There are no Serbs in petition to merge Ugljare with Kosovo Polje municipality (RTK2, Radio kontakt plus)

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A petition that Albanians from Ugljare village submitted to the Kosovo Polje municipality relates to the part of the village where they make up the majority, and not to the entire village, as some media reported, where Serbs make up the majority, RTK 2 reports.

Due to different announcements and incomplete information, Serb inhabitants from Ugljare village submitted to Gracanica municipality a request with 600 signatures to remain part of Gracanica municipality.

The municipalities of Gracanica and Kosovo Polje recently agreed to regulate cadastral boundaries affecting cadastral zones of Preoce and Ugljare. “The petition, submitted by Albanians from Ugljare is a proof they support agreement between the two municipalities,” Deputy Mayor of Kosovo Polje, Fadil Krasniqi told RTK2, adding he understands citizens’ requests since this part of Ugljare is territorially linked with Kosovo Polje.

Meanwhile, following incomplete information and different media reports, Serbs from Ugljare launched a petition to object merging of entire village to the Kosovo Polje municipality.

“I can tell you there is no chance for that. We belonged to Gracanica Municipality and we will remain part of it. Maybe those who want to sell their properties and leave may find this in their favour (merging with Kosovo Polje). I plan to stay here, and do not want to sell my property, and that is my opinion,” Miroslav Lazic from Ugljare said.

“I would act in line with what the majority of people decide. If inhabitants want to merge, I would do so, if not I would support that as well,” Trajan Jovic from Ugljare said.

Gracanica Mayor, Srdjan Popovic claims he did not receive official information about the petition of Albanians from Ugljare, and he learnt about this initiative from the media. Following the meeting with Serbs from the village, he is convinced that major part of Ugljare does not want to merge with Kosovo Polje.

“I have heard about that initiative from the media, I received no official information. As you know we had initiated the process of regulating cadastral lines with Kosovo Polje in September, based on citizens’ requests. As long as we are concerned, we have launched this initiative, and now other respective institutions should have their say. The respective ministry confirmed the initiative is in line with the law, and now it remains to be seen if the assembly would discuss about it,” Popovic told RTK2.

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