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Could tensions about Kosovo prepare citizens for reaching solution? (Danas)

By   /  18/12/2018  /  Comments Off on Could tensions about Kosovo prepare citizens for reaching solution? (Danas)

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Serbian citizens would hardly change their red lines in relation to Kosovo, that suggest Kosovo should remain part of Serbia, Belgrade-based daily Danas writes.

Following Pristina’s decision to impose 100 percent tariffs on goods from central Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, tensions in the Serbian public have been running high for days and according to some interpretations their aim is to inflame the situation, bring it to almost a pre-war condition, in which citizens in Serbia and Kosovo would easier accept solution of the two political elites, something they would not do should the circumstances have been different, Danas daily continues.

Executive Director of the Centre for Free Elections and Democracy (CESID) Bojan Klacar told Danas that the situation in Kosovo and a fact it is a regular and the main news makes Kosovo important topic.

“In new surveys Kosovo would most probably be indicated as very important to the citizens. Not more important than living standards, but a higher number of people would have a clear stance on it. The surveys conducted prior to the tariffs showed narratives that the president of state created through the media close to him,” Klacar said, adding that people then started to realize the “status quo” is unsustainable and to show some sort of “understanding.”

However, according to Klacar this understanding was not related to division, delineation or solution that would lead towards Kosovo recognition. He assessed it is difficult to tell where the latest dramatic tones about the situation of the Serbs in Kosovo would go to, towards support to Vucic to resolve the Kosovo issue or cement a stance that there is no good solution for Kosovo.

Director of Faktor plus agency, Vladimir Pejic said that people want a solution, since they are tired of crisis and bad news, along with all economic issues they are facing.

“People want agreement, because they want to deal with normal issues. However, they do not accept solution in which Kosovo would not be part of Serbia. They know what they want and what they do not want regarding Kosovo, but wish that someone else does it for them,” Pejic said.

According to him, managing public opinion is rather complex and difficult matter, and he does not believe that someone in this or another way can influence much the stances of citizens.

“It is possible to soften their stance, maybe to influence them to be a bit more open to something. However, their red lines and final responses in relation to Kosovo do not change,” Pejic concluded.

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