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Beqaj: The idea of demarcation has diminished the value of the dialogue (Danas, RTK2)

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The Draft Law on Dialogue with Serbia means the official Pristina new approach in Brussels talks, but the question is whether it is realistic and whether it will be applicable in the further course of the dialogue process, professor and expert for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Belul Beqaj said.

Beqaj told RTK2 that the situation in Kosovo is very complex, because in addition to the unsuccessful and non-transparent process in Brussels. The question arises whether another secret process has taken place whose solution looms from the letter of US President Donald Tram sent to Hashim Thaci and Aleksandar Vucic.

The idea of demarcation has diminished the value of everything in the current course of dialogue, said Beqaj, adding that the Draft Law on Dialogue cannot fit into the Brussels process, because the letter called on the presidents of Kosovo and Serbia to reach an agreement, as the whole process is at the end, or Tramp is uninformed about what’s going on in our processes.

“Instead unwinding, we have a new complication in the situation regarding the normalization of relations between Pristina and Belgrade, and I cannot see a shift in the further resolution of these relations,” Beqaj pointed out. There is a solution offered by the negotiating team of Pristina within the current lines of Kosovo and the one offered by President Thaci, regarding demarcation, said Beqaj.

“What if the important factors give the consent to partition, what will happen,” Beqaj asked and warned that in this case ”Kosovo state would disappear”, and the possibility will appear, as he said, of uniting with Albania.

“What will happen to the Serbs south of the Ibar, will they be part of Albania? Whether it is a just and rational solution, to challenge 50,000 to 60,000 Serbs because of 1,000 or 2,000 square kilometres, this is not rational,” Beqaj underlined.

“If the authorities in Serbia and Kosovo have not found an adequate solution for the Serbs in Kosovo and Albanians in the Presevo Valley, through the creation of trust, we do not have to justify their demands for division,” Beqaj emphasized.

“Serbs in Kosovo and Albanians in the Presevo Valley are not dissatisfied with the territory they live in, but because of the failure to implement adequate policies towards them,” Becaj said.

He stated that the presidents of Kosovo and Serbia can, with the engagement of Tramp, reach a final agreement, but its implementation will depend on the political will of citizens in Serbia and Kosovo, or from the positions of political parties in parliament.

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