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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 21, 2024

Albanian Language Media:

• Rubin: Long-term goal of Kosovo-Serbia normalisation means recognition (media)
• RIDEA: 49% of citizens dissatisfied with the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (Koha)
• Osmani meets Slovenian president: Kosovo proud of partnership (media)
• Konjufca meets speaker of North Macedonia’s Assembly (RTK)
• Gervalla travels to Austria, to attend “Friends of Western Balkans" meeting (Klan)
• Osmani’s message on World Refugee Day (media)
• Krasniqi, French ambassador discuss political developments in Kosovo (media)
• Over 1,200 Serbs equipped with Kosovo drivers’ licences (TeVe1)

Serbian Language Media:

• Drecun: Lifting punitive measures on Kosovo would encourage Kurti to continue terror against Serbs (Kosovo Online, media)
• Selakovic meets Azoulay, says unilateral Pristina’s acts directed against Serbian heritage in Kosovo (media, social media)
• Ragus meets delegation of Parliament of Ireland, says “ethnic cleansing unfolding in heart of Europe, 15 percent of Serbs left Kosovo” (media)
• RTK board appointed Aleksandra Jovanovic director of Serbian language TV channel (Radio KIM)
• UEFA launches investigation against Albanian and Croatian football federations over chanting “Kill Serb” (media)

International Media:

• Vucic, Kurti to meet on June 26 in EU-mediated talks on normalising relations (RFE)
• Euro 2024 becomes arena for Balkan nationalist score-settling (BIRN)

UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 20, 2024

Albanian Language Media:

Victims of sexual violence, Osmani: Let's bring perpetrators to justice (RTK)

Kurti: We’re interested in X-ray scanners that enhance security at borders (media)

Lajcak: Vucic and I agreed on next steps in dialogue (RTK)

Bislimi after recommendation to lift measures: Association not a condition (RTK)

COMKFOR, Naples Command reps talk about security and dialogue (media)

EULEX present in delivery of body remains to Serbian authorities (Reporteri)

Kosovo government provides financial support to Presevo Valley (RTK)

Serbian Language Media:

Lajcak and Vucic agreed on the next steps in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina (Beta, N1)

Djuric met Lajcak: The position of Serbs in Kosovo dramatically worsened with the arrival of Albin Kurti to power (Kosovo Online)

Petkovic met Lajcak: The CSM formation the only way forward, we do not fall for Kurti's tricks (Kosovo Online)

Pristina court sentences Rakic to three-month suspended prison sentence (N1, Beta, KoSSev)

Paunovic: Pristina submitted amendments to SEECP PA to provoke Belgrade (RTS, Tanjug)

"Kill, kill the Serb" performed in unison by Albanians and Croats (N1, KoSSev, SK)

UEFA also fined the Football Association of Serbia (Kosovo Online)

UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 19, 2024

Albanian Language Media:

•    Borrell submits report on possibility of lifting measures against Kosovo (RTK)
•    Bislimi meets Lajcak, discuss way forward for agreement implementation (media)
•    Lajcak: Implementation of agreement on normalization must be accelerated (RFE)
•    Osmani did not meet Lajcak due to different agendas (Telegrafi)
•    Meeting between Kurti and Lajcak in Pristina does not take place (media)
•    Kurti, Arbel discuss strengthening economic cooperation (media)
•    Israel removes visas for Kosovars (RTK)
•    Maqedonci: Radoicic’s group is still organized; “poses threat to Kosovo” (media)

Serbian Language Media:

•    Vucic to meet Lajcak today (Kosovo Online, media)
•    Lajcak met KFOR commander: Decisions about the bridge in Mitrovica should be made in Brussels (KoSSev, N1, NMagazin)
•    Rasic: The silent surrender of Kosovo, especially of the Kosovo Serbs, continues (N1, NMagazin)
•    Serbian List: Rasic tells lies about Vucic and our party (Kosovo Online)
•    Festival "Mirdita, Dobar dan" – Aims for dialogue, accompanied by disagreements (Kosovo Online)

UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 18, 2024

Albanian Language Media:

•    Kurti: Opposition cannot postpone elections indefinitely (Koha)
•    Stano on report on EU measures for Kosovo: No exact date, don’t speculate (RTK)
•    Svecla: Partners did not criticize us, they expressed concern (media)
•    Rasic: Vucic and Serbian List used the north for money laundering (media)
•    Osmani meets leaders at Peace Summit for Ukraine (media)
•    Svecla: Serbian government is financing terrorism (Koha)

Serbian Language Media:

•    Djuric meets Jenca, discusses Kosovo issue (Kosovo Online, media)
•    Dacic: Role of UNMIK of crucial importance for security of Serbs in Kosovo (Kosovo Online)
•    Petkovic meets ASG Jenca, SRSG Ziadeh, informs them of unilateral Pristina acts (Radio KIM, media)
•    Kosovo police entered two schools in Leposavic without warrant, photographed premises (Kosovo Online, media)
•    Kosovo police searched for “illegal things” at two schools in Leposavic, without explaining what it was (KoSSev, social media)
•    Two Serb youths say they were mistreated by Kosovo police in Leposavic (Kosovo Online, social media)
•    Serbian List, Office for KiM react to Rasic’s remarks he is ready to engage in preparing CSM draft statute (KoSSev, Kosovo Online, media)
•    Mortal remains of three Serbian civilians killed in Kosovo to be handed over to Belgrade delegation at Merdare (media)
•    25 years since kidnapping of several Serbs in Orahovac (Radio Gorazdevac, media)
•    Insulting graffiti written on House of Culture, children’s playground in Susica (KoSSev, media)

UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 14, 2024

Albanian Language Media:

•    Svecla on weapons found in Uglare: There is no compromise on crime (RTK)
•    Osmani meets with president of North Macedonia (Klan)
•    Hovenier: We’ll help protect Kosovo from cyberattacks, false information (media)
•    NDI deputy chief: TV stations are the main source of information (Koha)
•    Kosovo joins Demining Coalition for Ukraine (media)
•    Rohde remembers “German journalists killed during war in Kosovo” (Telegrafi)
•    Municipality of Mitrovica North continues to free public spaces (media)

Serbian Language Media:

•    Vucevic: We preserve peace and protect Serbs in Kosovo, but we are far from resolving status issues (Kosovo Online)
•    Djuric: Serbia wants relationship of trust and cooperation with all EU member states (Tanjug)
•    Djuric: Serbia does not accept violations of Resolution 1244 or the rights of Serbs in Kosovo (Kosovo Online)
•    Petkovic informs Latin American ambassadors of situation in Kosovo (Tanjug, media)
•    Serbs could not attend liturgy at Christ the Savior Temple in Pristina centre (Radio KIM)
•    More than 1000 requests submitted to switching driver’s licences (KoSSev)
•    EU: Belgrade violating agreement on path to normalisation of relations with Pristina (N1, FoNet)
•    Vulin meets with Russian security services leadership in Moscow (BETA, N1)