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Riza Smaka: Political murder of Oliver Ivanovic with different interests in the background (KIM radio, Slobodno Srpski)

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In the latest TV Show “Slobodno Srpski” (Free Serbian), a member of the Presidency of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and professor for constitutional law prof. Dr. Riza Smaka, in an interview with Budimir Nicic, says that there was no doubt that the murder of Oliver Ivanovic was a political murder from different interests at a background, KIM radio reports.

“I think that peace in Kosovo does not suit to someone, or in our region. There is a saying, since the Roman era, “divide and conquer”, which is the case. Murder is the result of diverse interests from certain centers, which can be and great powers”, reports KIM radio today.

Smaka is not optimistic that the murder of Oliver Ivanovic will be solved.

“I would like it to be solved, but I am expressing scepticism because our judiciary is not effective at all. There are 400,000 unresolved cases, which is not a small thing. Moreover, in the north of Mitrovica, as it is known, the judiciary does not function. ”

He believes that Kosovo should accept Belgrade’s request to engage in an investigation into Ivanovic’s murder.

“I would eagerly accept it, and thank the Serbian authorities for their cooperation. There should be close and honest cooperation between the authorities, the police, the prosecution …”

Speaking of the initiative of some deputies in the Kosovo Assembly to abolish the Law on Special War Crimes, Professor Smaka says that this is a negative precedent.

“The law came into force. I am, as a lawyer, a supporter of the principle that there is no bad law while in force. While the law is in force, the law must be enforced strictly, fairly, and correctly. The law is in force and it should be respected and implemented. However, the European Union is also to be blamed here, because, since it entered into force, nothing has been done on this law. This law also has a great disadvantage, because it applies only to Albanians practically, and it did not have to be that way, than to apply to all those who committed crimes. ”

Smaka believes that the transformation of the Security into the Armed Forces of Kosovo can only be done by constitutional changes and that it would be very bad if it is done only by passing a law on it, KIM radio reports.

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