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UNMIK Headlines, Election Media Updates, Afternoon Edition, October 6, 2019

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Albanian language media:

CEC: Higher voter turnout by 11.00hrs compared to 2017 elections
CEC: All polling stations open (media)
Polling stations in northern Kosovo open on time (RTK)
ValdeteDaka votes, here is her message (media)
Thaci appeals for a fair and free electoral process (media)
Veseli: Vote, give perspective to the future (media)
Osmani: This is the determinant day for the future of Kosovo (media)
Kurti calls on people to go out and vote (media)
Haradinaj: If you do not vote, others vote for you (media)
Pacolli: Do not abuse citizen’s vote (media)
Kosnett: Vote for yourselves, your country, your future (RTK)
Abbott: I encourage all eligible voters to vote (RTK)
LDK calls on Kosovo people to vote (media)
DiK: There is delay in opening of some polling stations (media)
State Prosecutor in defense of the vote (RTK)
Rakic votes with Kosovo ID (RTK)
Two officials arrested in the North for abusing their duty during elections (Klan Kosova)

  Serbian Language Media:

CEC: Suspended voting in Gotovusa over “escorts” (KoSsev, N1)
Three special units of Kosovo Police arrived to North Mitrovica (KoSSev, N1, Beta)
Radakovic: Two members of polling station committee were apprehended due to voting with Kosovo “Extract of birth” (KoSSev)
OSCE: There were attempts to vote with Serbian ID cards (KoSSev)
Kosnett visited polling stations in Pristina and Gracanica (Kosovo online, RTK2)
Djuric:Today’s elections are a turning point for the survival of Serbs in Kosovo (RTV)  
IDPs travel in organized manner to vote in Kosovo elections (B92, Kosovo online)
Large number of citizens were gathered at the centre of North Mitrovica to go to the polls(Kosovo Online) 
KTV: In northern Kosovo voting is allowed only with Kosovo documents(KoSSev) 
Goran Rakic:Elections decisive for the fate of Serbian people (SrpskiTelegraf)  
All polling stations opened on time, except Strpce (KIM radio, Herz)
TV Prva learns that Serbs in Metohija have problems with voting (B92)  
Two arrested in Mitrovica north (RTS) 
Irregularities in Gotovusa and Gracanica (KIM radio) 
After more than two hours, TV Pink crew crossedJarinje (TV Most)  
Letter of the Director of Radio Belgrade regarding the detention of journalists in Kosovo (RTS) 
Journalists’ Association of Serbia and its branch in Kosovo: Kosovo institutions grossly violate the freedom of media(Serbian media, uns.org)

International Media:

Kosovo voters focus on graft, Serbia peace deal in election (Reuters)
Kosovo: What you need to know about the country’s snap elections (Euronews)
‘Towel’ flag, judo and pop royalty: five things to know about Kosovo (AFP, France 24)
Kosovo votes amid pressure to reboot Serbia talks (AFP)
Kosovo votes for parliament amid calls for talks with Serbia (DW)
Kosovo Prepares to Elect New Parliament (Balkan Insight)

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