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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, November 5, 2019

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, November 5, 2019

Albanian Language Media:

• Delays in announcing election results hurt decision-making processes (Telegrafi)
• Kurti: Astrit Dehari, symbol of battle for justice (Kallxo/Telegrafi)
• LDK leader Mustafa meets representatives of non-majority communities (media)
• Ramadani: ‘Imperial’ Russia returns as threat to Balkans (RTK)
• Haradinaj with a message for Kurti on reciprocity with Serbia (Gazeta Express)

Serbian Language Media:

• Palmer: If Belgrade and Pristina want our political support, the agreement must be acceptable to the US as well (RTV, KoSSev)
• Elections in Serbia between 22 March and 5 April, says Serbian president Vucic (RTS)
• Dacic with Palmer: Support to the continuation of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue (Serbian media)
• Serbian FM Dacic: By year end, four to five states to withdraw Kosovo’s recognition (NMagazin, TV Happy)
• Delo: Trump urgently needs his “Dayton” (Delo, B92)


• US to push France on Western Balkans enlargement (EUobserver)
• New Format for Discussing Kosovo at the UN Needed, Russia Could Act as Mediator – Analysts (Sputnik)

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Belgrade Media Report 05 November

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• Palmer: America wants the whole Western Balkans to have a European perspective (N1)
• Palmer: Belgrade – Pristina agreement must be acceptable to us too (RTV)
• Vucic with Brammertz: Good cooperation (RTS)
• Serbia’s FM: Another four, five withdrawals of Kosovo’s’ recognition by the end (Beta)
• Vucic talks about little Schengen with Rama and Zaev (Beta)
• Vucic to Critics of Russian Arms Procurement: Make up Your Mind whether We Buy Clunkers or Sophisticated Systems (VIP)
• EU chief in Serbia: Law on corruption must be implemented (FoNet)_
• Vucic: SNS’s Goal to win absolute majority in parliament at elections (Tanjug)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• HR Inzko to present his semi-annual report on B&H before UN SC (BHT1)
• Komsic: Authorities at B&H level should be formed as soon as possible because, otherwise, elections lose meaning (BN TV)
• UK Ambassador Field: This was year of missed opportunities (Dnevni list)
• Cubrilovic: RS and B&H are dedicated to EU integration (RTRS)
• Cubrilovic schedules special session of RSNA to define agenda for session to discuss unconstitutional transformation of Dayton structure of B&H and influence on RS (BN TV)
• Croatian ambassadors gather to discuss upcoming EU chairmanship (HRT)
• Brajovic: WB will be completely stable in the EU (CDM)
• Who wants EU must impose sanctions against Russia (RTCG)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Sassoli: North Macedonia is ready to start accession negotiations (Nezavisen vesnik)
• Zaev after meeting with Sassoli: Our EU membership is irreplaceable (Republika)
• Pendarovski to Sassoli: European Council’s decision may be demotivating for Macedonia (Republika)


• “Norwegian model” – a bird in the hand for Skopje and the neighborhood? (Deutsche Welle)
• Balkan leaders warn that EU accession delay risks stoking tensions (Financial Times)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, November 5

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• LVV: Coalition talks with LDK to be finalised in two weeks’ time (media)
• Vetevendosje complains to Supreme Court over Diaspora ballots (Klan Kosova)
• The endless game of vote recount (Bota Sot)
• Haziri: No doubt, prime minister post goes to Vetevendosje (Koha)
• Veliu: LDK-LVV coalition not in danger, post of President to be defined (Telegrafi)
• Zogiani: We can’t discuss post of President two years beforehand (Indeksonline)
• Vetevendosje leader Kurti meets North Macedonia PM Zaev (media)
• Thaci: Kosovo remains champion of war against terrorism (RTK)
• A new approach to the Kosovo – Serbia dialogue (Radio Free Europe)

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