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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, November 11, 2019

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, November 11, 2019

Albanian Language Media:

• Kurti: We will establish the Commercial Court (Kosovapress)
• Thaci to meet Macron, will speak about visa liberalisation (media)
• Kosovo Foreign Ministry reacts to Dacic’s claims: Filthy propaganda (media)
• Missing persons families: New government to condition talks with Serbia (Koha)
• Serbian officials threaten state of Kosovo (Zeri/Gazeta Express)
• Lushi: Those who want Kosovo to join Mini-Schengen are fools (media)
• ECAP gives right to NISMA requests recount of votes at over 1400 polling stations (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Ghana: Decision to recognise Kosovo was premature (Tanjug)
• Ghana revoked recognition of Kosovo (B92)
• Ohrid Agreement: Open borders, labor and student exchange, travel with ID cards only (B92, Tanjug)
• RCC welcomes idea of creating a single market in the region (Beta, N1)
• Matthew Palmer: “Mini Schengen has US support” (B92)
• Officials in Pristina, Belgrade trade insults (N1, KoSSev)
• Billboards on Armistice Day placed in northern Kosovo (Vecernje Novosti)
• Assistant Director of the Office for KiM: Kosovo Government cannot be formed without the Serbian List (Radio Beograd, Radio Mitrovica Sever)
• New EC President: Keep enlargement in Western Balkans sustainable (SRNA, N1)
• “EU’s decision is a disaster” (Tanjug, B92, Blic)


• EU’s ‘no’ to Western Balkans could spark conflict (DW)
• “As for Macron, we knock on an open door and there is no dilemma” (B92, Tanjug)


• Macron questioning NATO in Economist interview raises eyebrows about his methods (euractiv.com)
• Europe risks losing strategic clout in Western Balkans (euractiv.com)


• Kosovo miners on strike over conditions and pay (Beta, KoSSev, N1)
• Nobel laureate commends Kosovo for addressing conflict-related sexual violence (media)

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Belgrade Media Report 11 November 2019

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Monday 11 November 2019

• Vucic: Western Balkans need clear and precise indications of European future (Beta/RTS)
• Vucic on ‘mini Schengen’: Nothing better created in Balkans over past 30 years (Beta)
• Palmer: Mini Schengen has US support (B92)
• India has understanding for our principled position on territorial sovereignty and integrity (Tanjug/RTS)
• Continuity of Serbia-US dialogue assessed positively (FoNet)
• Dacic: Ghana withdraws recognition of so-called Kosovo (TV Prva)
• Dacic demands apology from Albania over Cakaj’s statement (Tanjug)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Ohrid: Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia sign agreement on entering countries with IDs, call on B&H, Montenegro to join them; Zvizdic: Vucic and Rama guarantee that this is not attempt to replace European integration of Western Balkan (FTV)
• Komsic summons French Ambassador to discuss President Macron’s statement on B&H (TV1/BHT1)
• Bosniak officials criticize Macron’s statement as unfounded (TV1/RTRS/N1)
• Mektic: B&H has not had any serious terrorist threats for years (TV1/BHT1/FTV)
• Dodik thanks Macron for revealing truth about B&H (TV1/ATV/RTRS)
• SDS and PDP launch initiative to enable temporary formation of commissions in parliament to unblock work of B&H HoR (Hayat)
• Mektic deems main problem of migrant crisis is lack of accommodation capacities and lack of coordination at all levels (BNTV)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Zaev says the “Mini Schengen” will be good for the region, as Vucic insists it will not be a “new Yugoslavia” (Republika)
• Mickoski on the Mini Schengen initiative: For us, the only option is to join the EU (Republika)
• Zaev asked Alexander Soros for money and Edi Rama for more Albanian votes (Republika)


• Von der Leyen: EU path for Western Balkans is of ‘great strategic importance’ (Politico.eu)
• Brussels casts Zaev a thin lifeline (New Europe)

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OSCE Broadcast Report 10 Novemebr

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• Thaçi: France can play crucial role in Kosovo-Serbia agreement (RTK)
• Haradinaj: With 100 percent tariff we showed our international friends that Kosovo doesn’t subdue to Serbia (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Abdixhiku: New mini-Yugoslavia is dead before it is born (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV & RTK)
• Rexhep Selimi summoned by Specialist Chambers as suspect (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Duda Balje quits DSB, to work as MP in Six Plus caucus (KTV)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, November 11

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• Kosovo leaders oppose a Mini-Schengen idea for Western Balkans (media)
• Thaci travels to Paris for Peace Forum (media)
• ECAP to decide on political party complaints today (media)
• Haradinaj: Tariff on Serbian goods should remain until recognition (RTK)
• Maliqi: Kosovo should not become blocker of U.S. projects (Epoka)
• Serbia’s investments in parallel structures in Kosovo (Radio Free Europe)
• “No new initiative can solve main problem of region, Kosovo’s recognition by Serbia (Koha)
• Rexhep Selimi summoned by specialist chambers (media)
• Berisha: Kosovo Assembly should readdress issue of Special Court (Klan Kosova)
• IKD: Prosecutors failed to fight illegally accumulated wealth (Koha)

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