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Belgrade Media Report 24 March 2020

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Tuesday 24 March 2020


Twenty-one years since the NATO bombing without UN Security Council approval (B92/Tanjug)
Vulin: NATO crime was the last crime in the XX century that had gone unpunished (Beta/Tanjug)
Vucic: Change in approach in fighting coronavirus; very possible that we isolate Belgrade (Tanjug/RTS/B92)
Gojkovic denies request for parliament session (FoNet/RTV)
Djuric: We are not interested in Pristina’s games of throne (Politika)
Ljajic: 10 million masks arriving from China this week (RTS)
A total of 301 infected people in Serbia (RTS/Tanjug)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

B&H has 150 COVID-19 cases, Security Minister wants airport closed (N1)
New four COVID-19 cases registered in Konjic (Klix.ba)
FB&H Civil Protection Crisis Headquarters discusses adoption of special regulation that would tighten measures for those who violate orders on self-isolation or curfew (BHT1)
No new cases of COVID-19 reported in RS (RTRS)
Dodik: Introduction of harsher measures to tackle Coronavirus necessary (ATV)
Quarantine for citizens who are not complying with prescribed measures of self-isolation to be formed in Bijeljina (BHT1)
Quarantine tents at border crossings in B&H ready for use (RTRS)
Radoncic holds video-conference with representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations in B&H on current situation and B&H’s needs in fight against coronavirus (BHT1)
Inzko: State budget a priority for stopping COVID-19 (Oslobodjenje)

In Croatia, 361 infected with coronavirus, six of them on the respirators (N1)
Sunday’s earthquake claims its first victim (HRT)

In Montenegro, 29 infected with a coronavirus, 938 are quarantined (CDM)
Camaj: Albanians negotiate joint run in parliamentary elections in Montenegro (Dan)
Republic of North Macedonia

Varhelyi: EU approves opening of negotiations with North Macedonia, Albania (MIA)
Twelve new coronavirus cases registered, total tally hits 148 (MIA)
Government restricts movement of teenagers, senior citizens to fight coronavirus spread (MIA/TV24)
Filipche: Coronavirus outbreak will be over after two incubation cycles without new cases (MIA)
Army members deployed to guard vital public locations (MIA)

Coronavirus cases surge to 123 in Albania (ADN)
COVID-19 and international assistance to Albania (Tirana Times)


Serbia blasts NATO’s 1999 aggression as crime against humanity (TASS)
Could Trump Spark a New Balkan Ethnic War? (The New Republic)
Only a matter of time’: Greek migrant camps brace for coronavirus outbreak (Politico)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, March 24, 2020

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, March 24, 2020

Albanian Language Media:

• Kurti calls on people to respect govt decisions (media)
• Thaci addresses Constitutional Court on government’s restriction measures (media)
• Thaci writes to Kurti: Suspend the decision, you have caused panic, fear and uncertainty (media)
• Quint Ambassadors: Prioritise fight against COVID-19 (media)
• Thaci welcomes Quint statement (media)
• EU calls on Kosovo leaders to work together (media)
• Kosnett: Follow guidance to protect our families and communities (media)
• Stjernvall: No more fights against each other (Kallxo)

Serbian Language Media:

• In Serbia, 27 newly infected coronavirus patients, a total of 249 (B92)
• Pristina quarantine measure creates problems for emergency transportation of patients from Kosovo Serb communities (KoSSev)
• Pristina Mayor: The City of Pristina offers assistance to all communities in Kosovo (RTK2, Kontakt plus, RTV Puls)
• “There is no flour in Gracanica for ten days” (RTK2, Kontakt plus radio, KoSSev)
• Djuric: We are not interested in their ‘games of thrones’ (Tanjug, B92, Politika)
• 21 years since NATO bombing of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Tanjug, B92)
• 21 anniversary of NATO bombing marked in Mitrovica North (RTV Puls, TV Most)


• President calls on citizens to disobey government measures (Prishtina Insight)
• Europe’s Other Coronavirus Victim: Information and Data Rights (Balkan Insight)
• Kosovo Opposition to Back No-Confidence Motion in Govt (Balkan Insight)


• Inspired by NATO Bombing, Serbian Artist Turns Trauma into Art (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, March 24

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• Government restricts movements of private vehicles and citizens (media)
Thaci opposes government decision, calls it anti-constitutional (media)
• Mustafa: Government decision, anti-constitutional (Koha)
• Haradinaj: Govt decision, a flagrant violation (media)
Nagavci: Citizens to submit to government’s decisions (T7, RTK)
• Abazi: Government’s decision in accordance with the Constitution (RTK)
• Merkel hails lifting of the tariff (RTK)
• Assembly chairmanship to decide today on non-confidence motion session (Express)
• Kurti’s government to establish reciprocity measures towards Serbia on April 1 (media)
• 21 new cases of coronavirus confirmed (media)
Albanian reporters assaulted in Mitrovica North (media)

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