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Belgrade Media Report 01 October

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Serbian state leadership attends marking of Chinese National Day (RTV/Tanjug)
Dacic: Apostolova informs EU about serious problems faced by Kosovo war crimes court (TV Pink/Tanjug)
Further development of comprehensive cooperation between Serbia, Israel (RTS)
Joksimovic, Schieb: Rule of law, dialogue crucial criteria for progress on EU path (Tanjug)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

B&H Presidency members visit Brussels (N1)
Dodik says revision of Dayton Peace Agreement was not discussed at meetings in Brussels as focus was on economic issues (RTRS)
Avaz analyzes change in stance of Dzaferovic and Komsic regarding ‘Mini Schengen’ (Dnevni avaz)
Milanovic: Attitude towards Croats in B&H could become serious problem, Croats will not be minority (FTV)

Milanovic did not meet with Izetbegovic because Izetbegovic insisted that Dzaferovic meets with him first, which Milanovic refused (Novi list)
Milanovic: Trump is a rabble-rouser who ruined USA’s international reputation (Hina)

Djukanovic: Nationalist opposition and SPC want to turn Montenegro into Serbian state (CdM)

Speaker Ruci addressed parliaments of EU member states, vows for implementing the reforms (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, October 1, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID – 19: 43 new cases, two deaths (media)
• Hoti: Association is a closed topic (media)
• Kosnett doesn’t expect unrest from work of Specialist Chambers (Koha)
• Gashi: Police, prosecution didn’t want to deal with files (Telegrafi)
• Judge orders war veterans’ attorney not to publish confidential files (media)
• Kosovo, Albania governments to meet tomorrow in Tirana (RTK)
• UN could investigate expulsion of Tienmu Ma (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Vucic on EU decision to keep Serbia on unsafe countries list relating to Covid-19 (B92)
• “Friendship between Serbia and China made of steel” (FoNet, N1)
• FM Dacic: ”Apostolova informed the members about the problems of the Special Court” (NMagazin, Politika, Danas, TV Pink)
• Tapuskovic: Witnesses against KLA already intimidated (Tanjug)
• Djuric: EU to react on ban to Sarcevic to visit Kosovo (Radio KIM)
• The ceremony at the University of Pristina, based in North Mitrovica, canceled (Kontakt plus radio)
• Kosovo police refutes media reports on kidnapping attempt in Plemetina (KoSSev)


• Kosovo War Crimes File Leaks Deliver a Blow to Justice (Balkan Insight)
• The Kosovo Assembly isn’t working (Prishtina Insight)


• Kosovo Indicts Pro-Iranian Radical for Inciting Terrorism (Balkan Insight)


• The whole of Europe has switched to Swedish model, but doesn’t want to admit it? (B92, media)
• Vucic says data on coronavirus-related deaths will be reviewed (FoNet, N1)
• Serbia Hugely Underestimated COVID-19 Death Toll, Official Admits (Balkan Insight)
• EBRD hopes Nis-Pristina motorway tenders to open in Nov (seenews.com)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, October 1, 2020

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• COVID-19: 46 new cases, no deaths (media)
• KLA War Veterans leader to appear before Specialist Chambers today (media)
• Klinaku, Gashi refuse summons by Specialist Chambers (media)
• Konjufca: Hoti must address Specialist Chambers about mandate (media)
• Selimi: I expressed to EULEX chief my concern on recent SPO actions (Koha)
• Drecun admits Serbia cooperated with Specialist Chambers (media)
• Serwer: Specialist Chambers in favor of Serbs (Express)
• EU: Association to establish based on Constitutional Court’s opinion (Koha)
• PDK senior member Enver Hoxhaj’s interview to Telegrafi
• Lushtaku: We will join government if we get PM or President post (Telegrafi)

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