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Belgrade Media Report 28 October

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Brnabic to MPs: Six priorities for new Serbian government (FoNet/RTS)
Belgrade-Pristina dialogue to continue on Thursday (Tanjug)
EU: ZSO will not be parallel authority (Beta)
Petkovic: No progress in dialogue without ZSO with all jurisdictions envisaged by Brussels agreement (RTV/Tanjug/FoNet)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dzaferovic, Inzko discuss political situation in B&H and reforms on EU path; Dzaferovic warns that Dodik’s recent statements represent danger for stability of B&H and entire region (BHT1)
US Embassy comments Dodik’s statement: Existence of entities depends of existence of the state of B&H (Dnevni avaz)
Visit of Russian FM Lavrov postponed since he has to go in isolation due to contact with person infected with Covid-19 (RTRS)
Lavrov: B&H and Serbia have friendly partnership; There is no need for revision of DPA but it is time to end presence of OHR; Claims about Russian malign influence in region are not based on facts (Glas Srpske)
Dodik: Stories about alleged malignant Russian influence in B&H come from West that has most interfered in B&H (RTRS)

Lavrov says EU’s anti-Russian sentiment is stifling Russian-Croatian relations (HRT/Vecernji list)

Democrats provide list of the candidates for ministers (Dan)
Mandic and Knezevic met with Russia’s Ambassador to Montenegro (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Dimitrov goes to Paris to lobby for the opening of EU accession talks (Republika)

E. Code, Premier ‘ignores’ international calls for waiting (ADN)
SP considers as ‘adventure’ waiting for Venice’s opinion on E. Code Changes (ADN)
E. Code, Presidency repeats reflection appeal to majority (ADN)
Law Committee decides on President’s refusal of E. Code Changes (ADN)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, October 28, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19 report: Four deaths, 281 new cases (media)
• Trump says he stopped 400 years long war between Kosovo and Serbia (media)
• Kosovo Government confirms tomorrow’s meeting in Brussels (media)
• Selimi: Brussels dialogue should not take on technical character (KP/Telegrafi)
• Weber: Lajcak trapped into blaming Kosovo for lack of dialogue progress (Express/RTK)
• Hoti: European integration, priority for Kosovo Government (media)
• GAP publishes report on pandemic’s impact on Kosovo economy (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Brnabic: Unity regarding Kosovo issue priority, we won’t give up on ZSO (Tanjug)
• Lavrov is not coming to Serbia: Russian minister in self-isolation due to coronavirus (Tanjug, B92)
• Vucic to meet directors of COVID hospitals, address public (B92, N1)
• EU: CSM won’t be parallel authority; Belgrade: no progress without CSM (N1, BETA)
• Pompeo: Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria join Clean Network (KoSSev)
• Botsan-Kharchenko: ZSO key for future of Serbs in Kosovo (Tanjug, Kosovo Online)
• NGO Aktiv presented publication on treatment of non-majority communities in Kosovo during Covid-19 (social media)
• Rakic with Abbott on attacks against Serbian population (Kosovo-online)
• Kosovo Serb politician says Biden helped protect monastery (N1)


• The unbearable lightness of stealing public money (Prishtina Insight)
• Twin crises: Political dysfunction in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (ecfr.eu)


• Serbian epidemiologist says more restrictive measures could come (N1)
• Developing a Long-Term and Holistic Approach to Strengthen Water Security in Kosovo (marketscreener.com)
• BSF: Nordic model of security cooperation an example for the Western Balkans (EWB)
• The importance of ‘unlearning’ the past: Interview with Balkans expert Keith Brown (globalvoices.org)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, October 28, 2020

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• COVID-19 report: Three deaths, 197 new cases (media)
• Health Minister: There will be increased controls (media)
• The next Kosovo-Serbia meeting at level of experts, on Thursday (media)
• EU: Association will not have executive competencies (media)
• U.S. Ambassador Kosnett’s interview with Dukagjini TV (media)
• Hoti pledges to restore lawfulness in Kosovo (media)
• Mustafa: Hoti has courage to fight corruption, can’t be blackmailed (media)
• U.S. elections, “determinant” for continuation of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (RFE)
• Government: We are waiting for invitation for Mini-Schengen (Express)
• Haradinaj: Decisions in the coalition to be made in partnership (media)
• MPs see no Kosovo statehood signs at Merdare crossing point (Koha)
• Kosovo Spends €2.5 Million Paying Non-Working Serb Employees (Balkan Insight)

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