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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, November 18, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID – 19: 11 deaths, 720 new cases (media)
• Over 40,000 pages of material against former KLA leaders (Koha)
• Prosecution: Trial of KLA leaders to start in summer of the next year (RTK)
• Thaci’s lawyer: Starting trial in June is absurd (RTK)
• Veseli’s lawyer criticizes evidence work of the Special Prosecutor (RTK)
• Krasniqi’s and Selimi’s lawyers also complain, request more time for evidence (RTK)
• Emmerson: When evidence comes to light, this indictment will be called ridiculous (RTK)
• Hoxhaj: On the day Albanian mass graves are opening in Serbia, freedom fighters are being tried in The Hague (Express)
• KLA war veterans: session against Thaci and others, clearly political (Telegrafi)
• Balje reacts to Belgrade’s claims that communities are endangered (RTK)

Serbian Language Media:

• The remains found in the quarry near Raska; Odalovic: We are on the field, awaiting the judge’s move (KoSSev)
• Braun about Biden’s statement on Thaci: Views can be changed (Tanjug, Kosovo Online)
• Enhance the presence of international security forces in Serb areas south of the Ibar, says Petkovic (Kontakt plus radio)
• Attack on a Serb in Kisnica, no injuries sustained (KiM radio, gracanicaonline.info, Kontakt plus radio, KoSSev, RTV Puls)
• YIHR: The glorification of those accused for war crimes is unacceptable always and under any circumstance (KoSSev)
• Vulin uses the derogatory term ”Shiptars” on RTS; Kamberi: Vulin violates Serb laws (KoSSev)
• Darko Tasic’s lawyer: ”My client was beaten in the prison near Podujevo” (Kontakt plus radio)
• CEC member and former Minister, Rikalo appointed Acting Assistant Director of Office for KiM (KoSSev, Kontakt plus radio)
• Ambassador Godfrey: Biden’s administration will work on strengthening relation with Serbia (FoNet, N1)
• EU Ambassador says Serbia’s military neutrality not in question (RFE, N1)
• Serbian FM Selakovic meets UN Belgrade office chief Miculescu (FoNet, N1)


• Bulgaria blocks EU membership talks for North Macedonia (EWB)


• Serbian teachers’ unions want schools closed (media)
• Balkans 17/11/2020: 1.430.341 recorded cases, 32.867 deaths (balkaneu.com)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, November 18

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• COVID – 19: 17 deaths, 764 new cases (media)
• Hoti on the burned banner: We must be calm (RTK)
• SPO session for Thaci, Veseli and the others, today (media)
• Hoti to Kurti: You know that there is legal basis for protection of the accused (RTK)
• Kosovo’s acting President tests positive for coronavirus (Express)
• Haradinaj in Berlin, seeks help on liberalization of visas for Kosovo (Express)
• Hoxhaj: Mass graves opening in Serbia, EU remains silent (RTK)
• Haxhiu: PDK is flirting to become part of the government (RTK)
• Krasniqi: Kurti is not honest while calling for protection of KLA leaders (media)
• Suspected mass grave of Kosovo war victims found in Serbia (Prishtina Insight)

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