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Agreement on the judiciary has lost every meaning (KIM radio)

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Although the agreement on the judiciary in northern Kosovo was reached in 2013, there is no implementation yet. Lawyer Dejan Vasić considers that the agreement has lost all meaning although it had “historic significance” for the negotiators, stressing that a lot of time passed since the adoption and almost nothing has been done. Vasić says that all looks childishly to him, as well as other agreements that have been negotiated, then re-negotiated and divided into small pieces…

Director of the Center for representation of democratic culture Dušan Radaković claims that its implementation is hampered with the recently adopted law on Trepča.

Radaković says the problem is that the delegations of Belgrade and Pristina negotiate at a high level in Brussels but they do not care much about the implementation of these agreements. He says that before the Trepča law, serious integration has started because the building of the Prosecution was reconstructed. However the place of the building is not appropriate and is not suitable for the purpose. He says that and other premises which are intended for the work of the judiciary are not adequately prepared.

“In addition to the kebab shops nearby, there is a swimming pool on the top of the building. To put it mildly, it’s a disaster. The roof fell from the building of EULEX Court in Kosovska Mitrovica, at the third floor is leaking, the building is not ready. Third building of Jugobank, where since the last June the rent is paid, was just painted and laminate was placed, nothing else. “

“Nobody talks about the implementation and when this comes to the media and implementation starts, and then you run into a wall. There are a lot of problems because it is being discussed at a high level and the reality on the ground is entirely different. There are thousands of problems that need to be solved, among the first is retirement. How and in what way? How will these people be integrated, and to integrate them and give pensions, you need to change the Serbian Constitution and the Law on Pensions which is impossible,” said Radaković.

The best indicator of the failure of the implementation of the agreements is the reached agreement on freedom of movement, as well as the last one on the licence plates, which application was scheduled to begin two days ago, says Dejan Vasić.

The lawyer says that no matter that he has status-neutral KS plates, he is experiencing discomfort and in central Serbia and in Kosovo.

Dušan Radaković says that he still uses two pairs of licence plates. While he travels throughout Kosovo, he uses the RKS plates and in central Serbia the BG.

“I think the RKS plates are a little safer as compared to KS plates, they are not so noticeable. I have the both licence plates, I am paying all double until the agreement comes into force, “said Radaković.

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