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Dusan Janjic: Division of Kosovo leads toward possibility of war (Danas, FoNet, RTV)

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Serbian politicians do not understand Kosovo Serbs, they do not understand what division would mean in practice, and it would mean increasing possibility for a conflict, Director of Interethnic Relations Forum Dusan Janjic told Danas daily.

“This is not a simple thing. Serbs from the north have their suitcases packed already since they know it very well, clashes occur when territories are divided or changed,” Janjic said.

He added implementation of the wish for division of the exchange (of territories) of the Serbian authorities in fact is not realistic.

“This is all about spinning. Exchange of territories or division lead toward possibility of a war, regardless of possible agreements. That is why neither USA nor Europe would agree to it (…),” Janjic said.

He warned on the irresponsibility of Serbian authorities and President Vucic when they speak about borders by Vranje, occupation of the north of Kosovo by the Pristina authorities and similar statements, claiming they cause danger and do nothing good to the Serbs living in Kosovo.

“Kosovo side does not support it either. Maybe earlier, there could be some talks about that, but no longer. America does not support division. On the other side, Russia and Turkey do. Turkey supports division as it could immediately open the issue of Sandzak status, since it is has pretentions there,” Janjic concluded.

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