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UNMIK Headlines 21 April

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• Apostolova: Border demarcation not the only visa condition (Koha Ditore)
• PM Mustafa nominates Todosijevic for Minister (Lajmi/Bota Sot)
• Government silent on suspension of construction works in Mitrovica (Koha)
• Serbian List: None of us met Mustafa about army (Lajmi.net)
• Special prosecution files indictment on war crimes charges (Zeri)
• Decan historians threaten with blocking of roads (Epoka e Re)

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UNMIK Headlines 18 April

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• Mustafa: Let us surpass ourselves on visa liberalisation (Epoka e Re)
• Thaci: We will sue Serbia for genocide soon (Epoka e Re)
• “Fresh elections in Kosovo to take place on 28 May or 4 June?” (Klan Kosova)
• Recica: If border demarcation fails, PDK ready for elections (Telegrafi)
• “Elections to be held in June, new government: PDK-AAK-NISMA” (Epoka)
• “North privileged by special employment law” (Koha Ditore)
• Fire at medical clinic in Mitrovica north (Klan Kosova)

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Serbian University in Kosovo, whose is it? (Vesti)

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The sudden announcement of Pristina that soon may start talks on the Association/Community of Serb municipalities (ZSO), for number of Serbs who work in institutions such as the judiciary, health and education has created the fear of falling “into the hands” of Kosovo’s systems. The fear that they could be manipulated by the Pristina reflects […]

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UNMIK Headlines 2 April

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Serbian presidential elections underway in Kosovo, too (RTK)
Polling stations in northern municipalities open on time (Kosovapress)
Presevo Valley Albanians will not take part in Serbian elections (RTK)
Serbian elections in Kosovo: One polling station relocated (Klan Kosova)

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Bomb thrown at police officer’s house in Mitrovica North (media)

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Several news websites report that a bomb was thrown at the house of Bane Jakovljevic, a Kosovo Police officer, in the village of Rudare, before midnight on Thursday. Citing unnamed sources, Kosovapress news agency reports that there are no human casualties. According to the same sources, Jakovljevic reportedly has close ties with people involved in […]

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Rakic against changes at the Police (Koha Ditore)

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Mitrovica North citizens protested today in front of the Police Station in the north, due to the replacement of three Police senior officers. Mayor of Mitrovica North, Goran Rakic, aslo participated at the protest. He said that he will request withdrawal of these decisions. The paper also learned that Rakic, together with the Director of […]

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Mitrovica North protests over Albanian street names in Suhodoll/Suvi Do (Koha)

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The move by Mitrovica municipal authorities to put up Albanian street names in the village of Suhodoll/Suvi Do has led to the reaction of Mitrovica North Mayor Goran Rakic who warned that “unilateral actions will not be tolerated.”  “I reemphsise that the southern and northern municipalities of Mitrovica have not signed the memorandum on their […]

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Headlines 1 March

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• Thaci “warns” the EU (Kosova Sot)
• Veliu: Demarcation is not related to elections (Epoka e Re)
• KSF and missing persons, main failures in implementation of SAA (Koha)
• Delawie observes construction works at Mitrovica Bridge (Epoka e Re)
• Ivanovic appeals for temporary establishment of Association (RTK)
• Vetevendosje activists plead not guilty to terrorism charges (Koha, Zeri)
• 671 police officers under investigation (Epoka e Re)
• Police release Serb man wrongfully arrested for war crimes (Klan Kosova)

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Headlines 18 January

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Headlines – 18.01.2017 Thaci: Kosovo to respond to Serbia’s invitation for war peacefully (Zeri) Fungo: Only KFOR is authorized army in Kosovo (Koha Ditore) The U.S. Embassy supports Kosovo on stopping the train (Epoka e Re) Ymeri: Serbia has not changed its approach towards Kosovo (VOA) Viets: Kosovo should control its own borders (Koha Ditore) […]

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Mitrovica North Assembly session on legalizing the wall cancelled (Telegrafi)

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The session of the Mitrovica North Assembly scheduled for today to approve the construction of the wall in the “King Peter I” in the northern part of the city was cancelled on the request of the Serbian List representatives. Bashkim Cimili, member of the Mitrovica North Assembly from the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) said […]

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Headlines 16 January

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Headlines – 16.01.2017 Serbia threatens with military intervention, Kosovo vows not to allow provocations (Koha) Thaçi: Serbia’s threats endanger Balkans (Zëri) Protest in the north regarding Belgrade-Mitrovica train (Koha) KFOR ready for intervention (Zëri) Brussels calls for dialogue (Koha Ditore) US respects the right of Kosovo to intervene in the north (Koha Ditore) Bahtiri hails […]

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Headlines 11 January

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Kosovo Assembly fails to pass resolution on Haradinaj’s detention (dailies)
Serbia submits extradition request for Haradinaj (Kosova Sot/Koha)
Kocijancic: Kosovo and Serbia should step up judicial cooperation (Bota Sot)
Haradinaj’s case mentioned also at the UN (gazetaexpress)
Thaçi, Engel: Haradinaj’s arrest scandalous, Serbia abusing Interpol (Lajmi)
Pan-national protest for Haradinaj today (gazetaexpress)
Explosive device thrown at government building in Mitrovica North (Metro)
Border demarcation not in government’s agenda for 2017 (Koha Ditore)

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