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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 26, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Kurti: We only expect interpretation from the Constitutional Court (media)
• Thaci says he will not take part in negotiations led by Lajcak (Koha)
• Veseli: I will not cease efforts to set up tribunal for Serb war crimes (media)
• LVV’s Zogiani compares Grenell to former ambassador Dell (Kosovapress)

Serbian Language Media:

• Dr Antonijevic: The situation is calming down; protection measures are still mandatory (Kontakt plus radio)
• New attacks against Serb returnees in Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• “Opening of crossings after June 1, following analysis of III phase measures” (KoSSev)
• “Western Balkans belong to Europe” (B92, Tanjug)
• REC:”Office for KIM will soon publish the number of polling stations in KiM” (Kosovo Online)
• “All our eyes would be on Serbia, watching election process” – MEP says (N1)
• Kosovo society should not deny the crimes of certain KLA members (KoSSev, Novosti)
• Matkos Group director: We are not breaking the law (KoSSev)


• Profession, law, and justice (KoSSev)
• Kosovo between USA and EU (moderndiplomacy.eu)


• Borell: Maintain the intention to bring the Western Balkans into the EU (EWB)


• OpisMEDIJavanje: Any unverified information or half-truth can lead to major consequences (KoSSev)
• Kosovo Economy Faces Fresh Hit If Diaspora Stays Away (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, May 26

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• Six new cases of coronavirus in last 24 hours (media)
• Covid-19: New eased measures to enter into force Thursday (media)
• Kurti: Unacceptable for President to write the Constitution (Telegrafi)
• Thaci accuses Kurti of ‘usurping’ PM’s office (Koha)
• Kurti reiterates calls for elections (media)
• Osmani: It is clear there was no need for state of emergency (media)
• Weber: EU reclaiming Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (Koha)
• Kurti and Zaev agree land swaps are dangerous (media)
• Grenell remains envoy for Kosovo-Serbia negotiations (media)
• In Brussels, Lajcak meets six Western Balkans ambassadors (RFE)
• Acting PM Kurti meets CEC head Daka (media)

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