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Belgrade Media Report 19 January

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Vucic: Haradinaj is a dangerous man, Greater Albania is a threat to the entire region (RTS)
Varadi: Kosovo secession illegal, yet it’s not part of Serbia at this point (N1/Beta)
Several opposition parties to take part in talks on elections with authorities (Beta)
Bilcik: We are ready for Serbia’s inter-party dialogue right now (N1)
First lawsuit against NATO ready: Compensation sought for people ill with cancer because of bombing (Tanjug)
New Allied Joint Force Command Naples Commander for cfsp.rs: NATO and Serbia are close partners, stable Kosovo essential for regional stability and security (Council for Strategic Policy)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Radmanovic: There is no DPA nor B&H without internal agreement (Srna/ATV)
Covic sends open letter to officials of international community requesting resignation of B&H CEC members (BHT1/N1)
Energy Community imposes sanctions against B&H (Hayat/BN TV/RTRS)
OHR, EUD call on FB&H authorities to secure unblocking of functioning of Securities Commission of FB&H (Oslobodjenje)
B&H Court confirms indictment in ‘Respirators’ case (O kanal)

Gegaj: The one-nation Krivokapic’s government is permeated by the Chetnik ideology (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Mickoski and Orban discussed Macedonia’s blocked EU accession process (Republika)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, January 19, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID – 19: 294 new cases, nine deaths (media)
• Suspicions on new variant of coronavirus, 30 samples sent to Germany (RTK)
• Defendants acquitted in KLA Veterans list case (Prishtina Insight)
• Miftaraj demands vetting after acquittal of defendants in “Veterans” case (media)
• Haradinaj to Vucic: Serbia should recognize Kosovo as independent state (RTK)
• CEC approves over 10 thousand applications of voters outside Kosovo (Telegrafi)
• Isufi: AAK will be in government with Haradinaj as President (KosovaPress)
• Hoti recalls the Washington agreement (media)
• PSD places graffiti with Albin Kurti’s face next to containers (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• 13 new cases of Covid-19, one death registered in Serbian areas in Kosovo (KoSSev)
• Vucic:”Haradinaj is a dangerous man” (KoSSev)
• Vucic announces massive vaccination program, Kosovo Serbs via “hybrid system”, Serbia ready to assist K-Albanians as well (KoSSev)
• Milivojevic: Haradinaj confirmed Kosovo statehood has failed, announced radicalization following elections (Kosovo-online)
• Serbian PM says a million doses of vaccine delivered, six million more on the way (N1, BETA)
• Arlov is seeking assistance from international representatives due to ban to enter Kosovo (Radio kontakt plus)
• Former deputy of Marko Djuric appointed Consul General in Chicago (Kosovo-online)
• Drecun: Pristina and Tirana work together on a “Greater Albania” project (Kosovo Online)


• EU securing more financial support for migration management in Serbia (N1)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, January 19, 2021

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• COVID – 19: 267 new cases, one death (media)
• Kurti-Osmani: February 14 elections are a referendum (RTK)
• Haradinaj says EU could lead to national unification of Albanians (Koha)
• Krasniqi: We will call Kurti to a debate again (media)
• Parties meet minimum requirements of gender representation (Koha)
• “Trans-Atlantic cooperation will yield tangible results in dialogue” (media)
• Hoxhaj: With €1 billion fund we will empower women in the economy (media)
• Supreme Court rejects complaints about verification of diaspora voters (Koha)
• Lladrovci sues Kajtazi for defamation (media)
• “Art must aid post-conflict reconciliation” (Balkan Insight)

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