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Belgrade Media Report 13 July

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• Long-standing constructive partnership between Serbia, OSCE (RTS/Tanjug/Politika)
• Selakovic: OSCE most reliable status-neutral presence in Kosovo and Metohija (Tanjug/RTS/RTV/Politika)
• Brnabic with Italian Ambassador on cooperation and support to Serbia (Tanjug/RTV)
• Selakovic: We know our path, does Brussels know what it wants (TV Pink)
• Pristina not ready to take issue of missing from politics (RTV/Tanjug)
• Zorana and Hill against Vulin (Novosti)
• Petkovic banned again entrance into Kosovo and Metohija (Tanjug/RTV)
• Dveri presents first two parliamentary initiatives (Tanjug/RTV)
• Jeremic: People’s Party won’t have consultations with Vucic, public or secret (Beta/Danas)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Sattler publishes blog: Too many choose the path of escalating, rather than calming tensions (Oslobodjenje)
• Bijeljina District Prosecutor’s Office: Removal of photos of killed Serbs set along road Bratunac-Potocari ordered due to safety of traffic (ATV)
• Vuksanovic-Stankovic: Abazovic ended his political career (Dnevni avaz)
• Anniversary of killing of Serbs in Zalazje marked on Tuesday; Serb officials, victims’ families: No one held responsible for crime (ATV)
• Indictees in Dobrovoljacka case plead not guilty (Nova BH)
• German officials Luhrmann, Sarrazin and Uebber underline Germany’s support to B&H (Oslobodjenje)
• Dodik says he will impose sanctions on himself so that Germany would not have to bother with it (Nezavisne)
• Sarrazin: We no longer believe B&H politicians (Dnevni list)
• Podzic meets Ahmetovic in Sarajevo; Ahmetovic states there is possibility that NATO engages in B&H if Russia vetoes extension of EUFOR’s mandate (Nova BH)
• Reactions to Schmidt’s statement about history textbooks (N1/BHT1)
• Plenkovic: Montenegro has made biggest progress towards joining EU (Hina)
• Croatian parliament speaker receives Montenegrin PM (Hina)
• Montenegro celebrates 13 July – Statehood Day (CDM)
• Abazovic: Anyone can require the review of the Fundamental Agreement by the Constitutional Court (CdM)
• Djukanovic: Abazovic assured us that there will be no vote, who put a “knife under his throat” to approve the contract with the SPC the day before the session of the Holy Synod (TVCG)
• Warning signs: Europeans doubt political legitimacy of the government (Pobjeda)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Macedonian people, come out, preserve our language and identity – said the citizens at yesterday’s protest (Republika/Kanal 5)
• Osmani: Bulgaria will vote for a framework in which the Macedonian language will be clear (TV Sitel)
• SDSM accepts the French proposal (Republika)
• Russia rejects Pendarovksi’s claims of involvement in protests in Skopje (TV 21)
• Albania poised to green-light new NATO naval base in huge warning to Putin (Radio Tirana)
• Balla in Athens: The holding of first intergovernmental conference next week is good news (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 13, 2022

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Albanian Language Media:

• Rama to Stoltenberg: Kosovo should be included in the partnership for peace (media)
• Germany provides 400,000-euro assistance to KSF (media)
• Government of Kosovo vows to take measures on staple products (Koha)
• Ereza Vela, first woman to run for chair of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (Express)
• Krasniqi: We need to prepare for a higher influx of patients (media)
• Albania calls for Kosovo admission in Council of Europe (media)
• Millions from Kosovo budget for neglected facilities in Serb-majority municipalities (RFE)

Serbian Language Media:

• Petkovic banned from entering Kosovo again (Kosovo Online)
• Ministry of Culture of Serbia: A campaign of attempted seizure of cultural treasures (KiM radio)
• Mihajlovic: Vulin is the leader of a tiny party (FoNet, N1)
• Serbia didn’t join new EU restrictive measures against Iran (BETA, N1)
• Brnabic to Italian Ambassador: Important for Serbia to open cluster 3 in December (N1)
• Hoxhaj: Kosovo should join the Open Balkan initiative (N1, Beta)


• Never again, but nothing has changed (Kosovo 2.0)
• French proposal will encourage extreme nationalists (EWB)


• Serbian Peace Activists’ HQ Vandalised After Srebrenica Anniversary (BIRN)


• Vienna Institute: No economic growth in Serbia if war in Ukraine continues (N1)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, July 13, 2022

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• Kosovo refutes Russian propaganda about “mercenaries” in Ukraine (Koha)
• Hoxhaj: Agreement with Serbia is crucial not to have crisis again (media)
• Kosovo, Montenegrin Foreign Ministries hold political consultations (media)
• Krasniqi: Bigger mobilisation over a greater infection wave (EO)
• Kosovo minister conveys Serbia’s messages in Gjilan (Koha)
• Kosovo’s annual inflation accelerates to 14.1 percent in June (SeeNews)
• Status conference in the case of Thaci and others today (media)
• Kosovo Political Prisoners Recall Brutal Internment on ‘Barren Island’ (BIRN)
• US rejects ‘Serbian world’ advocated by Serbian minister (AP)
• Albania Registers Sharp Increase in Visitors from Serbia (BIRN)

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