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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 18, 2022

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 18, 2022

Albanian Language Media:

• Kurti: Kosovo most pro-EU country in Western Balkans, yet most isolated (media)
• Rama: Failure to give visa liberalisation to Kosovo, a disgrace for the EU (media)
• Von Cramon calls on EU to grant visa liberalisation to Kosovo (media)
• Lajcak’s mandate extended for two more years (Klan)
• Svecla: Kosovo has no fighters in Ukraine (RFE)
• Mehaj: Determination of our police in fighting smuggling makes us all proud (media)
• Murati gives details about Government’s employment scheme (media)
• “Opposition doesn’t benefit by presenting government’s successes as failure” (Koha)
• Kosovo asks Serbia to return artefacts (Klan)
• Albanian Parliament with a draft-resolution against Dick Marty’s report on Kosovo war (Koha)

Serbian Language Media:

• President Vucic: The new government will not be anti-Russian (N1)
• Shooting and police pursuit in Leposavic: Several police officers injured; Suspect’s brother: Excessive force used (KoSSev)
• YUCOM: Serbs in Kosovo in complete legal uncertainty (N1)
• Anniversary of massive kidnapping of Serbs and Roma from Orahovac marked (Radio KIM)
• Brussels sources: In the EU unhappy because of Kurti’s stubborn persistent attitude (Beta, N1, KoSSev)
• ETTU: The Kosovo Table Tennis Association withdrew the team, we worked to ensure that Kosovo has equal treatment (KoSSev)
• Milasinovic: Pristina has no right to search for artifacts (Tanjug, Kosovo Online, RTV)
• North Macedonia’s parliament backs French proposal (N1)


• Kosovo Football Fans Criticised for Barring Tourists from Guerrilla Memorial (Balkan Insight)
• Lack of action on Kosovo sarcophagus speaks to wider neglect (BIRN)
• Artists proclaim ‘NSK Territory’ as exploration and challenge of sovereign state (BIRN)
• Serbia Says Crashed Plane Was Carrying Serbian Weapons To Bangladesh (RFE)


• ‘Besa’ – A Bid at Balkan Noir (Kosovo 2.0)

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Belgrade Media Report 18 July 2022

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Monday 18 July 2022


• Brnabic: Banning Vucic to visit Croatia is an anti-European and anti-civilizational decision (RTV/RTS/Tanjug/Politika)
• Selakovic: Decision is terrifying (RTS/Politika)
• Stefanovic: Decision of government in Zagreb is biggest shame in Europe after Second World War (RTS)
• Serbian Foreign Ministry sends note to Embassy of Croatia in Serbia but charge d’affaires at Embassy refuses to accept it (RTS)
• Popovic: Prohibiting President Vucic from visiting Jasenovac violation of basic EU principles (Tanjug)
• Dacic: Scandalous decision (RTS)
• Dodik: Decision to deny entrance to Vucic is incomprehensible (RTS)
• Zuroff calls Croatia to annul ban (Politika/Tanjug)
• Mihajlovic cancels her official visit to Zagreb after Croatian authorities forbid Vucic to visit Jasenovac (RTS)
• Vucic responds to threats from Ukraine (B92)
• Endangerment of Visoki Decani monastery reaffirmed (Tanjug)
• Stefanovic: Antonov was carrying munitions to Bangladesh (Beta)
• Vucic continues consultations with electoral lists (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Dodik informs Vucic, Patriarch Porfirije of situation in B&H (RTRS)
• B&H CC: RS law stipulating that amendments to Criminal Code of B&H banning denial of genocide and war crimes will not be applied in RS territory is unconstitutional (O Kanal)
• Dodik: B&H CC’s decisions mean nothing for the RS (Al Jazeera Balkans)
• Cvijanovic: B&H CC wants to change constitutional system through political decisions (Nova BH)
• Other RS officials strongly criticize B&H CC decision to declare as unconstitutional RS Law on Non-Application of High Representative in RS (RTRS)
• Tahirovic says that is only decision that CC could make (Nova BH)
• Dodik arrives in Israel for official visit (RTRS)
• Kavalec invites B&H citizens to vote and make decisions about future (Fena)
• 27th anniversary of execution of six Bosniaks in Godinjske Bare marked Sunday (FTV)
• Monument Flower of Srebrenica in Italy (Oslobodjenje)
• Croatia slams Vucic’s plan for impromptu visit as being against protocol, malicious (Hina/Jutarnji list)
• Walker: Montenegro needs reforms instead of focusing on party politics (MINA)
Republic of North Macedonia
• SDSM MPs adopt French proposal (Republika)
• VMRO-DPMNE MPs notarized statements that they will not accept changes to the Constitution (Republika)
• Kovacevski congratulates MPs on voting in favor of European future of the country (Republika)
• US welcomes parliament’s decision: Now is the time to build momentum and work on the next steps (Republika)
• Scholz welcomes parliament’s decision: We will be by your side all the way (Republika)
• Macedonia and Bulgaria sign bilateral protocol (Republika)
• Genchovska: Bulgaria’s Macedonian language position remains unchanged, the Bulgarian position is guaranteed in the entire negotiating framework (Republika)
• Osmani: Conference to be held and screening to begin on Tuesday (Republika)
• Mickoski: DUI leadership is sticking a knife in Macedonians’ backs, Albania will continue with negotiations, and Macedonia will wait for better times (TV Sitel)
• The pro-Macedonian vote/ Rama: Finally…, the negotiations for Albania’s membership in the European Union have no longer any obstacles! (Radio Tirana)
• MP Jorida Tabaku meets Escobar: Support for DP! Essential that Albania continues the EU integration process (Radio Tirana)
• Spiropali meets Zelensky’s special envoy: The Ukrainian people are fighting for both the Balkans and the future of Europe (Radio Tirana)
• Blinken: A European Union that includes all of the Western Balkans, including Albania and North Macedonia, will be stronger and more prosperous (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, July 18, 2022

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• Five police officers injured during an anti-smuggling operation in the North (media)
• Kurti: Kosovo unable to pay for electricity in the north (media)
• Krasniqi: Kurti should deal with solution to crisis, not with party elections (RTK)
• Haradinaj: Government caused millions of euros damage to civil servants (media)
• Ceku: Europa Nostra has lost credibility, is politically influenced by Serbia (media)
• Serbia bans Kosovo’s participation in table tennis championship (media)
• Government of Kosovo prepares new employment scheme for families (media)
• EULEX chief meets with Kurti: As always, an inspiring discussion (media)
• The former EULEX prosecutor comes as a winner, gets invited as a suspect (Koha/media)
• EULEX reacts to allegations raised by Bamieh in Pristina (media)
• Jashari family reacts to a bus with foreign students not allowed to visit memorial site (media)
• Two more Ukrainian journalists arrive in Kosovo (media)

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