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“For stabilization of Kosovo it is important to shed light on murder of Oliver Ivanovic” (Kontakt plus radio, RTV KIM)

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Kosovo Deputy Interior Minister, Milan Radojevic is pleased with a course but not with a pace of the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. Florian Qehaja does not expect institutions would be efficient in this regard since “they have not shown that in the previous cases.” while Ksenija Bozovic said that all are bearing responsibility for the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic, leader of Civic Initiative Freedom, Democracy, Justice (GI SDP).

These remarks were made in the RTV KIM broadcast titled Sporazum.

Radojevic said he is pleased that some information known to the police “were not leaked into public” which indicates that police officers and prosecutors working on this case are professionally carrying out their duties. However, he is not pleased with the pace of the investigation, adding it is important to shed the light on the murder as soon as possible for the stabilization of Kosovo.

Centre for Security Studies Executive Director, Florian Qehaja said he does not expect prosecution and responsible institutions would be efficient in resolving the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

“I do not expect positive outcomes, not only due to the weak capacities of prosecution, but also because there is no formal cooperation between Belgrade and Pristina security bodies. This is the main problem,” Qehaja said.

Mitrovica North municipal assembly councillor and close associate of murdered Oliver Ivanovic, Ksenija Bozovic said that family members, associates and friends of Oliver Ivanovic are permanently trying, every day, to get information from the responsible bodies on the course of the investigation, however they are mainly met with a silence.

She recalled that Oliver Ivanovic, before he was murdered, warned authorities in Belgrade, Pristina and international community on the security situation in the north of Kosovo.

“They were all aware of the security situation in Mitrovica North. And they all turned deaf ear to the information Oliver had provided. Unfortunately, very soon happened what had happened. He received no protection. Today, from this place and every time when I have the opportunity, I would say that everybody bears responsibility for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic,” Bozovic said.

A research on the security situation in Kosovo was also presented in a broadcast. Data from the research of the Centre for Security Studies showing that 40 percent of citizens do not trust prosecution attracted the highest attention from guests in the studio.

Milan Radojevic commented “it is a rather concerning information as prosecution and judiciary are very important for the security.”

“40 percent has no trust in judiciary at all, while 30 percent is in between, they neither trust nor distrust. However, they more incline towards negative trend if looked from the context of trust,” Qehaja said while presenting the research.

Broadcast Sporazum is aired every second Wednesday at 21.00 hrs, on TV KIM, Mir, Most, Herc, Puls and Mitrovica.


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