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Belgrade Media Report 02 December

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• Pristina’s attempt to join ERGP thwarted (RTS/Tanjug)
• Vucic meets Grushko ahead of meeting with Putin (Tanjug/Novosti/Politika)
• Relations between Serbia, Russia at highest level (Tanjug/Beta)
• US expects Russia to respect Serbian strategic goals (Politika)
• Odalovic: “Hot winter” awaits us (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Dodik: I will not act like Ivanic and I will deliver Program of Reforms to RS parliament (Hayat)
• Dzaferovic: Sending of Program of Reforms to Brussels does not depend on decision or discussion in any body in B&H (Hayat)
• Inzko: B&H needs to act in line with its laws and strategies when it comes to relations with NATO (Nezavisne novine)
• Inzko: Russia wants to expand its influence, which is why Putin found time to hold 10 meetings with Dodik and even more meetings with Vucic (Face TV)
• Inzko claims that there is 60 percent chance B&H CoM will be formed as there may be additional obstacles or new ideas (Face TV)
• Transcript from recent session of Commission for Preparation of B&H CoM Appointment denies Borenovic’s claims that Tegeltija said that decisions and conclusions of RS parliament are not binding for him (ATV)
• Grabar-Kitarovic pays tribute to convicted war criminal Praljak (Hayat)
• Croatian and Serbian Intelligence Services trade accusations (Hina)
• Djukanovic re-elected as DPS leader, Markovic as vice-president (CDM)
• Markovic, Zaev: EU integration has no alternative (CDM)
• Rood: Poor rule of law and Russia’s malign influence are main threats (Pobjeda)


• Greece champions EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans (New Europe)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, December 02, 2019

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Albanian Language Media:

• Borell’s spokesman: Kosovo among his top priorities (RTK/Tanjug)
• President Thaci travels to Brussels, to attend Friends of Europe summit (media)
• Veseli’s interview by specialist chambers postponed to December 10 (media)
• Prosecution indicts six persons for Oliver Ivanovic’s murder (Telegrafi)
• Arrest warrant issued for Zvonko Veselinovic (RTK)
• Haradinaj expects good news for visa liberalisation before Christmas (media)
• Special Prosecution responds to Kurti’s criticism of its performance (Kallxo)
• Kurti does not consider agreement with Mustafa a done deal (Express)

Serbian Language Media:

• An indictment has been filed for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic against six persons (KoSSev)
• Kosovo prosecution filing the same indictments against Serbs that UNMIK closed (Vecernje novosti, Kontakt plus radio)
• Pristina issues international warrant for arrest of Kosovo Serb (N1, Kosovo online)
• Rama thanks Vucic and other leaders for assistance they sent to Albania (N1, Srna)
• Embassy: US policy towards Serbia has never changed (N1, Beta, Politika)


• Germany’s AKK warns of Russian, Chinese influence in Balkans (DW)


• United Nations Climate Change Conference (B92, Beta, AP)
• Air quality unhealthy but improving as December arrives (Prishtina Insight)
• Belgrade association calls for help to people of Albania (N1)
• Book of Sorrows: Kosovo War Rape Survivors Tell Their Stories (Balkan Insight)
• Cadez calls on Serbian companies to help Albania after earthquake (Beta, Kontakt plus radio)

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OSCE Broadcast Report 01 December

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• Request for international arrest order for Zvonko Veselinovic approved (KTV)
• VV invites opposition to dialogue, AAK responds positively (RTK)
• Borrell: Non-recognition of Kosovo’s independence by Spain does not represent any problem to me (KTV)
• Serbia’s war strategy triggers concerns in the region (Klan Kosova)
• One more vote for new Government confirmed by Kosovo Bosniaks to Kurti (KTV)
• Man from Kosovo returns from Syria, admits he was ISIS member (N1)
• Heldt: IUNL will support selection of notaries in Kosovo (Klan Kosova)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, December 2

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• LVV and LDK expected to formalise coalition agreement today (media)
• LVV invited opposition in dialogue, AAK responds positively (media)
• Kurti: Special Prosecution is not prosecuting war criminals (Klan Kosova)
• Borrell: Spain’s position on Kosovo, not a problem for me (media)
• “U.S. policy on Serbia has not changed” (RFE/Zeri)
• “Germany Army will remain in Kosovo” (Indeksonline)
• Privatisation Agency of Kosovo heading toward closure (Radio Free Europe)
• Ministry, UNMIK support construction of safehouse for domestic violence victims (Zeri)

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