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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, December 6, 2019

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, December 06, 2019

Albanian Language Media:

• Hoti: LDK remains committed to the creation of stable institutions (RTK)
• Haxhiu: Assembly Speaker belongs to the winning political party (RTK)
• Kosnett: Kosovo and Serbia must return to table of talks (RTK)
• Source: Visa liberalisation for Kosovo not in this year’s agenda (G. Express)
• Analysts, if there is no LVV-LDK agreement, a transitory government is required (RTK)

Serbian Language Media:

• Serbian List reacts to statements of Pristina officials (RTS)
• Raska-Prizren Eparchy Bishop Teodosije on Todosijevic’s verdict (KoSSev, Raska-Prizren Eparchy)
• Belgrade – Pristina dialogue a topic of the Berlin conference (Kosovo Online, RTK)
• Vucic spoke with Merkel: Revocation of tariffs, then dialogue (Tanjug, Radio KIM)
• Director of the Ibar HE Gazivode: Pristina’s move would not jeopardize the power supply of Serbs in the north (Vecernje Novosti)
• Vuletic: Solution to the issue of Kosovo through compromise (Kosovo Online, RTS)
• Silvana Arsovic: I am not responsible, I have suffered enough (Vecernje Novosti, Blic)
• Vlajic: Indictment in Ivanovic’s case result of public pressure and legal deadlines (KoSSev)


• Serbia Exploring Possibility of Purchasing Russian MC – 21 (Sputnik)
• Kosovo Court Jails Ex-Serb Minister for Ethnic Hatred (AP/NYT)


• Green Politics for the Western Balkans? (Balkan Insight)
• Life in a Kosovo village in the 1970s (Prishtina Insight)

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Belgrade Media Report 6 December 2019

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Friday 6 December 2019

• Merkel invites Vucic to visit Germany in January (Tanjug)
• Obradovic: Crimea is undoubtedly part of Russia, like Kosovo is part of Serbia (Beta)
• Djilas to Weber: Mr. Weber, do you have any idea what country you were visiting? (Beta)
• Godfrey: If Serbian government wants legitimacy, it must secure fair elections (Juzne Vesti/Beta)
• Lajcak’s appeal (Tanjug/B92)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• B&H HoR appoints SNSD’s Tegeltija as B&H CoM Chairman (BHT1)
• Palmer: US not focused on B&H’s membership in NATO but on strengthening of partnership (RTRS)
• Palmer and Inzko warn of problem of Mostar, urging authorities to make it possible for elections to be held in this city after 11 years (N1)
• Plenkovic: Bonds Between NATO and EU Inextricable (Hina)
• Ready to open Chapter 8 (RTCG)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Zaev returns optimistic from the NATO Summit in London (Nezavisen vesnik)
• Joint North Macedonia-Bulgaria Commission stuck – no deal for Goce Delchev (Nezavisen vesnik)


• NATO’s Continuing Enlargement Aims at further Weakening of Russian Influence in the Balkans (InfoBrics)

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OSCE Broadcast Report 05 December

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• AKJ calls for justice on murdered and missing journalists in Kosovo (Most monitored broadcasters, Klan Kosova)
• Mustafa: Justice hasn’t done anything to shed light on murdered journalists (KTV)
• Freedom of speech is seen as a pillar of democracy in the international conference (Klan Kosova)
• Kosnett: Vetevendosje and LDK seem committed to building a functional coalition (GazetaExpress)
• VV and LDK say leaders’ meetings will resume soon, without telling when (KTV)
• Haziri: There is no conditioning for President’s post, but it is a pledge (RTKLive)
• Current pace of government negotiations may lead Kosovo to crisis (KTV)
• Serbian president denies Kosovo massacre (GazetaExpress)
• Haradinaj: Serbia institutionally retains criminal mentality (KTV)
• SL: We are leaving the institutions if Todosijevic’s verdict is upheld (Kossev)
• Only 17 per cent of women inherit property from their families (KTV)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, December 6

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• Haziri: LVV-LDK agreement, a matter of days (Telegrafi/Klan)
• LVV and LDK indicate renewed talks following mutual accusations (Koha)
• Nagavci: LVV gave proposals and stands committed to an agreement (media)
• Bahtiri: New elections rather than giving up Interior Ministry (Epoka)
• Haradinaj: I am not in contact with LVV and LDK, AAK is in opposition (RTK)
• Heldt meets Mustafa, discusses coalition negotiations (media)
• Thaci: Serbian genocidal policies must be denounced (media)
• Haradinaj: Vucic’s hatred for Albanians shown in his Recak remarks (media)
• Citaku: Vucic’s denial of Recak massacre, utter madness (Zeri/Bota Sot)
• Law on salaries ends up at Constitutional Court (Zeri)

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