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Belgrade Media Report 11 December 2019

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Wednesday 11 December 2019

• Brnabic: Argentina has always protected Serbia’s integrity (RTV/Tanjug)
• Serbia, Greece sign declaration on strategic partnership (Tanjug)
• Serbia opens new chapter in negotiations with EU (RTS/Tanjug/Beta)
• Joksimovic: Serbia can be ready for EU membership in five years (Tanjug)
• Botsan-Kharchenko: There is no constructive condition for continuing Belgrade-Pristina talks (RTV/FoNet)
• Moscow will agree with UN SC discussion of division of Kosovo, if Serbia wants (N1)
• Foggo: Good job of KFOR over the past two decades (RTS)
• Jeremic: Participation in election under present conditions insults intelligence of ordinary people (TV N1/Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• EU Council adopts Conclusions on EC’s Opinion on B&H’s EU membership application (FTV)
• RS CC to decide on veto of Bosniak Caucus to Information on unconstitutional transformation of Dayton structure of B&H (Oslobodjenje)
• Russian Ambassador to Serbia comments military neutrality of Serbia and RS (RTRS)
• HNS’ Ljubic: HNS has made its proposal of changes to Law on Elections, will not make new one (Dnevni list)
• Komsic and Dzaferovic meet with Afghan President Ghani who commends B&H AF for contribution (FTV)
• Those who want negotiations to be ready as Montenegro (Pobjeda)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Mickoski calls on Zaev to accept the changes VMRO is proposing to the law on languages (Republika)


• Belgrade seeking even closer ties with Athens (ekathimerini)
• Pendarovski says he offered Macron troops for Mali and the option to expel future EU members (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)
• Nine EU Members release a new proposal for the reform of enlargement process (European Western Balkans)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, December 11, 2019

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, December 11, 2019

Albanian Language Media:

• No Kurti-Mustafa agreement, LVV leader to meet trade unions today (Express)
• “Kurti expected to meet Mustafa following return from Germany” (Telegrafi)
• Online poll: Majority of respondents optimistic of an LVV-LDK agreement (Telegrafi)
• Zyberaj: We’ll prosecute all Serbian officials responsible for crimes (media)
• Kosovo’s power plants, among the biggest polluters in Europe (RFE)
• Haxhiu: If LDK insists on President’s post, Kosovo will go for new elections (RTK)

Serbian Language Media:

• Vucic: We are ready for talks about compromise on Kosovo issue (RTS)
• Moscow will agree with UN SC discussion of division of Kosovo, if Serbia wants (N1)
• Borrell tells EU members to focus on Western Balkans (Beta, N1)
• Vucic congratulates Handke (RTS)
• Serbian List MPs verified their mandates in Kosovo Assembly (FoNet, Radio kontakt plus, RTK2)
• Djuric: Panicked fear of former KLA commanders (TV Most)
• Manitasevic ceased hunger strike due to health reasons (Radio KIM, Novosti)
• Marko Rosic’s parents confirmed that neither they nor his lawyer have received the indictment (Danas, TV Most)
• The Swede who returned Nobel Prize she allegedly received, hadn’t received it at all? (B92, Sputnik)


• Europe must lead on the climate crisis. The European Green Deal shows how (The Guardian)


• Four Balkan States Boycott Nobel Ceremony to Protest Handke (Balkan Insight)
• Kosovo President Says ‘Future Is Not Built By Denying Crimes,’ Urges Serbia To Accept Blame (RFE)
• Russia Throws Wrench Into Efforts to Renew Serbia-Kosovo Talks (Bloomberg)


• KCSS: Women excluded from security sector, inclusion remains a challenge (EO)
• Kosovo’s Jews in Race to Preserve Heritage (Balkan Insight)

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OSCE Broadcast Report 10 December

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• Reçak massacre survivors received Vucic’s statements painfully (KTV)
• Kosovo’s Thaci reacts to US Embassy Statement: Recak was a massacre not an “event” (GazetaExpress)
• Veseli: KLA war is as pure as diamond (Klan Kosova)
• Pacolli: We have not failed in the recognition process (RTKLive)
• SPERTK reacts to threat against journalist Denis Galushi (RTK)
• LDK and VV on top of expenditures for election campaign (KTV)
• Vjosa Osmani met Trump’s Envoy on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (GazetaExpress)
• Jashari: Law on salaries should be suspended (RTKLive)
• Haradinaj: Kosovo’s Army has no restrictions to go to north (KTV’s summary of Rubicon show)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, December 11

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• Thaci says Assembly session will be called as required by law (Bota Sot)
• Veseli: Delays in forming new institutions not positive for Kosovo (Telegrafi)
• Hoti: Agreement to be reached in following days, no reason for failure (media)
• In Berlin, Osmani meets U.S. special envoy Grenell (media)
• Delays in formation of Assembly cannot set in motion Constitutional Court (Koha)
• Thaci: Internationals’ silence enabled Vucic to deny the massacre (media)
• Pacolli: EU to demand Serbia hand over war criminals (media)
• Borell: An agreement in Pristina – Belgrade dialogue, my priority (RTK)
• Svecla on meeting with Djuric: It was a working meeting (media)

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