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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, April 21, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• 55 patients are being treated at the Infectious Disease Clinic, one in serious condition (Koha)
• Mustafa: We are waiting for President’s invitation to a meeting (Express)
• Abdixhiku says he’ll respect every decision of LDK Council (media)
• Albanian-American Civic League asks Trump to relieve Grenell (media)
• UNSC to hold a video conference on Kosovo on 24 April (Koha)
• Kosovo ranked five places higher at world press freedom index (media)
• LDK condemns Kurti’s ‘denigrating and insulting discourse’ (Koha)

Serbian Language Media:

• ”Reviewing of indictments against former KLA members underway” (Blic, Tanjug)
• Two new Covid-19 infection cases registered in north (Kosovo-online)
• Emergency teams from north refute Pristina’s allegations of 25 new coronavirus cases on Monday (KoSSev)
• UNS: Kosovo media to issue retraction over news that SOC is fighting COVID-19 by using “Russian methods” (KoSSev)
• Borell: EU has to explain its stabilizing role in Western Balkans (N1)


• Kosovo Leaders Tussle Over Plan to Form New Govt (Balkan Insight)
• After the Pandemic: Perils and Promises for Western Balkans (Balkan Insight)
• Some Balkan States Waging ‘Crusade’ Against Media, Report Warns (Balkan Insight)


• COVID-19 and Domestic Abuse: When Home is not the Safest Place (Balkan Insight)
• Kon: State of emergency annulment before epidemic ends in Serbia (RTS, N1)

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Belgrade Media Report 21 April

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Dacic: UN SC on Kosovo and Metohija on 24 April (TV Happy/Tanjug/RTV)
Relaxation of coronavirus restrictive measures (Novosti/RTS/Tanjug)
Borell: EU has to explain its stabilizing role in Western Balkans (N1)
Dacic: Hypocrites lecturing us (Novosti)
Trifunovic: Vucic rushing to hold elections (Danas/Beta)
Kon: End of epidemic at tenth week, seventh week most dangerous (RTS)
Another 260 cases, 977 patients recovered (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dodik: It depends on epidemiologic situation recorded over next 10 days whether measures in the RS will be more lenient or more rigorous; OHR is representative of colonial authority (RTRS)
HR Inzko: RS representatives first accepted to attend PIC SB but then changed their mind, RS depends on international aid (Dnevni list)
Viskovic: Measures will be relaxed if situation remains under control in RS (ATV)
FB&H: Situation with Coronavirus epidemic under control; Option of easing some measures being considered (FTV)
Around 70 residents of Bjelave quarantine begin hunger strike (BHT1)
Citizens quarantined in motels and hotels in Maglaj, Doboj Jug and Zenica go on hunger strike (FTV)
Residents of Mostar private quarantine complain about conditions (O kanal)
IMF Executive Board approves 330 million Euros loan to B&H (Dnevni avaz)
B&H records another 46 Covid-19 patients and two more fatalities (N1)

Ivan Simonovic named UN General Assembly’s COVID-19 Coordinator (HRT)
HDZ regains lead in voter support according to latest poll (HRT)
In Croatia, another 27 cases of infection, a total of 1908, another person has died (HRT)

Government response to the Covid-19 outbreak (CDM)
Opening schools and kindergartens in Montenegro isn’t priority (CDM)
New coronavirus case detected in Montenegro, number of recovered patients increasing (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Entry and exit from Tetovo banned as of today (Republika)
Spasovski announces a gradual return to normal in early May (Republika)
Gov’t strengthening soft measures so it doesn’t have to introduce more restrictions (MIA)
Macedonia in chaos, disorder and incompetence backed by corruption (Republika/V Fokusu)
Anti-corruption watchdog warns the government that the state of emergency doesn’t excuse its corrupt actions (Republika)
In North Macedonia 24 recovered, 1 death and 7 new cases (Libertas)

The government wants to extend the state of emergency until 23 June (Radio Tirana)
The pandemic in Albania has been a mild one (Radio Tirana)
Italian Foreign Minister has welcomed Albania’s gesture to send to Italy 60 nurses to help fight COVID-19 (Radio Tirana)
Coronavirus cases in Albania jump to 609 as death toll stands at 26 (ADN)


Western Balkans: EU funds to benefit people and support reforms (European Parliament)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, April 21

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37 new cases of COVID-19 in Kosovo over the last 24-hour period (media)
Kurti speaks Covid-19 and new elections to int’l media reps (media)
Kosovan acting PM accuses Trump envoy of meddling (The Guardian)
Thaci: I’ll take final constitutional steps next week (media)
Grenell denies talk of land swaps between Kosovo and Serbia (media)
Serwer: A really bad deal (media)
Borell: EU to work to resolve differences between Kosovo and Serbia (media)
KOSTT joins European energy operators (media)
Kurti: Veliu was part of Thaci – Vucic plan for Kosovo partition (Express)
Mustafa doesn’t rule out PM candidacy (Klan Kosova)
Nagavci: Mustafa has set himself in Thaci’s service (RTK)
Shala: U.S. did not accept Kurti as head of delegation for dialogue (media)
Kurti: Covid-19 tests from Serbia should not be politicised (Telegrafi)
Osmani: No aid from Serbia can erase its committed crimes in Kosovo (RTK)
Krasniqi: Kurti enabled Vucic to try to atone genocidal crimes with tests (Klan)
EU MPs call for visa liberalisation for Kosovo as soon as possible (Express)

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