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Belgrade Media Report 22 July

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If they make a decision on recognizing Kosovo, we will launch a derecognition campaign (Tanjug/B92)
Office: Persecution of Serbs continues (RTS)
Dacic: We are grateful for Italy’s support in EU integration (RTS/RTV/Tanjug)
Attempts of Sarajevo to prevent construction of hydropower plant Buk-Bijela (Politika)
He is “buying” Bosniaks by attacking Serbia (Novosti)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

US Embassy expresses full support to newly appointed HR Schmidt (Nova BH)
Cvijanovic says Russian resolution on OHR’s closure is solution that could save reputation of international community (RTRS)
Borenovic says key goal of everyone is to close down OHR in B&H as soon as possible (BN TV)
Dodik: With his statement Izetbegovic attempts to restore political influence that SDA has lost; Other RS officials condemn Izetbegovic’s statement (RTRS)
Dunovic to Vulin: Leave B&H alone (Dnevni list)
Statements of politicians from region cause new tensions in B&H (EuroBlic)
HDZ B&H presents proposal for changes to B&H Election Law in IAWG (FTV)
Komsic: HDZ B&H proposal is discriminatory (FTV)
Colak: ‘Civic B&H’ as advocated by Bosniak parties is unacceptable (Dnevni list)
Media carry comments to Covic’s announcement of blockade of elections (Oslobodenje)
RTRS investigates why Erdogan lobbies for Kosovo; Dodik: Key to solution on this issue lies in dialogue – not in interference by foreign factors (RTRS)
Golic, Petrovic from Elektroprivreda RS and Serbian Mrdak meet to discuss issues related to construction of hydropower plant Buk Bijela (Nezavisne)
SDA: B&H CC confirmed SDA’s stance regarding concessions for construction on Drina River (Oslobodjenje)
Report of Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Sufferings of All People in Srebrenica Region between 1992 and 1995 published online (ATV)

Croatia’s Euro coins to feature Nikola Tesla (Hina)

Bratic’s Ministry accuses public of unfair treatment: Dismissed headteachers should seek justice in court (CdM)
Protest: We want neither fascism in Montenegro, nor Serbian World through our children (CdM)
Is wide-eyed Brussels turning a blind eye to unprecedented revanchism in Montenegro? (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Mickoski: The resolution should be accepted by all parties without excuses and conditions, thus we will strengthen the state positions (Republika)
Zaev: I wish Albania good luck on its EU path if Bulgaria’s blockade continues (Republika/DW)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 22, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 28 new cases, no deaths (media)
• Kurti: Dialogue in Brussels is about status of Kosovo-Serbia relations (media)
• Osmani: Time to recognise irreversible reality of independent Kosovo (media)
• Kosovo Assembly ratifies IPA 2020 agreement (media)
• PDK initiates parliamentary debate on 100 days of Kurti government (Koha)
• VV MP: We are eradicating corruption (Ekonomia Online)
• PDK leader: Kosovo coordination with US, vital and irreplaceable (Klan Kosova)

Serbian Language Media:

• Vucic: We are changing the name “mini Schengen”, fast lanes for people from the region (Kosovo Online, Tanjug)
• “KLA” graffiti written on a church in Brod village, children’s playground in Susica
• Veselinovic transferred to Prizren for further interrogation (Radio KIM)
• Trajkovic: Kosovo institutions do not react to prevent pressure and do not condemn frequent incidents against Serb community (KoSSev, JUGpress)
• Danas: US delighted with Kurti’s democracy, shocked by Vucic’s authoritarianism (Kosovo Online)
• Petkovic on two-day visit in Kosovo (Radio Mitrovica sever)
• Popovic received a summons to testify at the trial for Ivanovic’s murder (Beta, N1, KiM radio)
• Vucic spoke with Zaev and Rama ahead of Skopje Forum (Kosovo-online)


• Balkan Athletes Hunger for Glory at Olympics Marred by COVID-19 (Balkan Insight)
• Vucic: Serbia will protect interests if Kosovo campaigns for independence (Euractiv)


• Checkmate! Kosovo Elderly Find Solace – and Rivalry – in Ancient Game (Balkan Insight)
• Childbirth Often Traumatic in CEE, But Few Women Seek Redress (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, July 22, 2021

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• COVID-19: Five new cases, no deaths (media)
• Kurti: We would welcome recognition from Greece (media)
• Political commentators discuss Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (Klan)
• LDK’s Halimi criticises Kurti’s approach to dialogue with Serbia (Kallxo)
• Hyseni: Kurti to implement Washington agreement in entirety (T7/G. Express)
• Gerxhaliu, Blakaj discuss missing persons, exhumation efforts (Koha)
• KSC holds status conference against former KLA leaders (media)
• Kosovo Sentences Montenegrin for Chanting Serb Nationalist Slogans (BIRN)

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