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Belgrade Media Report 2 September

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Vucic: Pristina to halt implementation of Washington agreement (RTS/Tanjug)
Vucic: EU has no sufficient will for enlargement (Tanjug)
Vucic: If the Albanians decide to launch an offensive, we won’t hesitate (RTS/B92)
Orban: European countries need Serbia more than Serbia needs EU (RTS)
Veterans of the so-called KLA came up with a secret list (RTS/B92)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bled Strategic Forum starts, B&H assessed as one of specific challenges when it comes to EU enlargement (BNTV/N1)
They discussed European path of B&H as tourists (Glas Srpske)
Dodik reacts to Dzaferovic’s request to HR to remove Dodik: it is obvious that they expect that Schmidt does what they want, which did happen in previous years (ATV)
RS politicians react to Dzaferovic’s call for removal of Dodik (RTRS)
Milanovic: Komsic and Dzaferovic are not people of honest intentions (Al Jazeera Balkans)

Sekulovic: We have information that there are extremists on both sides planning radicalization in Cetinje (Vijesti/CdM)
Bugajski: Balkans at another historical crossroads (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Zaev: Hope remains that Bulgaria will form a government, so that a decision can be made to start negotiations by the end of December (Republika)
Varhelyi: EU must not betray the Balkans (Republika)
Jansa and Varhelyi expressed support for Macedonia’s EU accession during their meeting with Zaev (Republika)
Radev warns that the country is under growing pressure over Macedonia (Republika)
Census to be launched on Sunday (Republika)

Rama conducts a wide-raging cabinet reshuffle (Radio Tirana)
New Legislature / Meta decrees the date (Radio Tirana)
Negotiations, Rama to Bulgaria: Open the way for us to start talks with the EU! Varhelyi: Europe cannot fail with the Balkans as it’s with Afghanistan (Radio Tirama)
Sassoli: EU should reconsider Balkan membership approach (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 2, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 32 deaths, 1,612 new cases (media)
• Osmani calls on diaspora to get vaccinated, blames Switzerland too (Koha/Blick)
• LDK leader suggests shortening local election campaign to 10 days (media)
• AAK and PDK agree with Abdixhiku to shorten election campaign (media)
• Deliu-Kodra: MPs should interrupt their holidays, situation is serious (RTK)
• Haradinaj reacts to more than four thousand fines (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• In Serbian communities 40 new cases of Covid-19, one person died (KiM radio)
• Bled Forum: Europe has no future without the inclusion of the Western Balkans (RTS)
• Vucic: Two or three countries not looking forward to Open Balkans (Tanjug)
• Rakic and Szunyog on the development fund for northern Kosovo, the current security and political situation (Radio Mitrovica sever)
• Trajković’s house in Lipljan robbed (KiM radio, gracanicaonline.info)
• US to do everything for Serbia to join NATO; a strong and stable Kosovo in the interest of the US (Kosovo Online)
• Chancellor Merkel to visit Serbia before leaving office (serbianmonitor.com)


• Belgrade’s ‘Serbian World’ Fantasies Jeopardise Balkan Cooperation (Balkan Insight)


• 22 Years On, Kosovo Plans Post-War Truth and Justice Strategy (Balkan Insight)
• Unemployment and inequalities: the pandemic penalises the youngest (balcanicaucaso.org)
• Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue: Preparations for the next meeting (Deutsche Welle)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 2, 2021

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• COVID-19: 22 deaths, 1,894 new cases (media)
• Kosovo’s COVID surge: What happened? (BIRN)
• Kosovo PM Kurti remarks at Bled Strategic Forum (media)
• Kurti, Michel discuss foreign policy issues and Kosovo role in security (media)
• Kurti meets Varhelyi, asks for visa liberalisation for Kosovo (media)
• Lajcak holds separate meetings with Kurti and Vucic (media)
• Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani participates at Swiss Economic Forum (media)
• Aliu: Construction of the Peace Highway to begin in spring next year (media)

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