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Belgrade Media Report 27 September

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Brnabic: Pristina seriously jeopardized regional stability (Tanjug/RTS)
Brnabic: US forming teams for Western Balkans (Tanjug)
Brnabic: Guterres told me Kosovo is not a state (RTV/Tanjug/Politika)
Brnabic: Nothing nice can be said about EU behavior (TV Pink/RTV/RTS/Tanjug)
Selakovic: Countries worldwide seeking cooperation with Serbia (Tanjug/RTS)
Selakovic: Great importance of selfless, principled Russian support for Serbia (Tanjug/Politika)
Vucic: In case NATO does not react, Serbia will (TV Pink/Politika)
Stoltenberg calls for dialogue; Belgrade, Pristina need to show restraint (Beta)
Borrell: Additional provocations in northern Kosovo unacceptable (Beta)
Michel urges Belgrade and Pristina to resume dialogue (FoNet)
Escobar: Serbia, Kosovo should not militarize situation (Beta)
Stefanovic visits Raska and Rudnica bases in company of Mojsilovic and Botsan-Kharchenko (Beta/Politika)
Russian Embassy: Serbia acts with greatest responsibility in Kosovo and Metohija (TASS/Tanjug)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dodik threatens with new withdrawal and ban on work in B&H institutions over B&H CC decision on RS Law on Forests (FTV)
Cvijanovic deems B&H CC’s decision as coup and anti-Dayton attack on RS and its competences defined by Constitution (RTRS)
Dzaferovic: B&H CC’s decision is in accordance with Constitution of B&H (N1)
Izetbegovic: B&H’s path to EU blocked by RS (Hayat)
Cubrilovic: Izetbegovic thinks democracy is what he says or what his political option dictates (RTRS)
Dodik claims that declaration of RS’ independence would cause loud reaction across globe but nothing more than that (RTRS)
Komsic meets Osmani and Djukanovic in New York; Dodik: This meeting shows what kind of state B&H is; Other comments (Glas Srpske)

Milanovic: My words will be superfluous when Croats are equal people in B&H (Hina)
Croatian Security and Intelligence Agency: Western Balkans remains burdened by unfinished stabilization processes (HRT1)

Djukanovic: Stability of the Balkans and EU integrations should be treated equally (Pobjeda)
Escobar: Russia destabilizes Montenegro (CdM/VoA)
Abazovic: Those who don’t believe changes are possible but based on clear principles should find other partners (CdM)
Krivokapic’s Op-Ed: The facts we don’t hear due to their noise (The PM press service)
Republic of North Macedonia

EU needs to step up decision-making process (Republika/Der Standard)
Zaev and Mickoski again at the same table, but in a relaxed atmosphere (Republika)
Zaev to respect the resolution proposed by VMRO-DPMNE in parliament, and supported by SDSM, not to defocus the public (Republika)
1.824.864 citizens are eligible to vote in upcoming local elections (Republika)

Rama calls for recognition of Kosovo at UN General Assembly (Tirana Times)
Rama visits Kosovo amid tensions with Serbia (ADN)
The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania: We call on Serbia to withdraw its armed forces (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 27, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• Kurti: No information that KFOR is preparing to intervene in north (Telegrafi)
• KFOR confirms increased patrolling in the north (Koha)
• Sources: Kosovo, Serbia chief negotiators could meet in Brussels this week (RFE)
• Rama: Serbia must stop theatrical military maneuvers (RFE)
• Over 10,000 provisional license plates administered since reciprocity (media)
• COVID-19: Three deaths, 23 new cases (media)
• Kosovo, Albanian governments to meet in late November (Klan Kosova)
• EC President to visit Kosovo on Wednesday as part of Balkans tour (Express)

Serbian Language Media:

• The EU expects Kurti and Vucic by the end of this week in Brussels (Kosovo Online, Tanjug)
• Protests in north enter second week, positions unchanged (RTS)
• KFOR members arrived at Jarinje (Kosovo-online)
• Armored vehicles of the Serbian Army near Jarinje (N1)
• Vucic: NATO to react within 24 hours if violence breaks out (N1)
• Stefanovic and Mojsilovic accompanied by Russian Ambassador visit army units in Raska (RTS)
• Brnabic on EU, current situation in northern Kosovo (TV Pink, media)
• Brnabic met UN SG Guterres in New York, reacted to Rama’s statement on Kosovo recognition (Tanjug, RTS)
• Gabriel Escobar in Brussels on the situation at the administrative crossings (Blic, Tanjug, RFE)
• Zubin Potok municipality: Old installation possible cause of fire (KoSSev)
• Vucic to meet Quint ambassadors today (RTS)
• Europol: Balkan drug cartel broken up (N1)

• Albania defends Kosovo sovereignty, criticizes Serbia’s military maneuvers (Exit)
• NATO, EU call for deescalation in the north of Kosovo as tensions continue (EWB)
• Can Selling Weapons to Serbia Create Peace in the Balkans? (The National Interest)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 27, 2021

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• Registration centres in Zubin Potok and Zvecan attacked on weekend (media)
• Kurti: Dialogue is the only way to find solutions (media)
• Kurti and Svecla hold press conference following attacks in the north (media)
• Kosovo’s Security Council convened in light of recent incidents (media)
• President Osmani cuts short New York visit following events in the north (media)
• Opposition leaders support Kosovo institutions in upholding rule of law (media)
• International community calls on Kosovo and Serbia to de-escalate the situation (media)
• Vucic to Stoltenberg: Serbia did not violate agreements or jeopardised peace (N1)
• CDHRF: Serbia’s objective is the destabilisation of the situation (media)
• Serbian troops on heightened alert at Kosovo border (France 24)
• Police: Reciprocity with license plates continues to be implemented at border crossings (RTK)
• Russian ambassador inspects Serb military troops near Kosovo border (media)
• Albanian PM Rama to visit Kosovo today (media)
• Court concludes ruling on registration of land to Decan Monastery is not enforced (media)
• COVID-19: Five deaths, 77 new cases (media)

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