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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 3, 2020

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 3, 2020

Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 78 new cases, nine deaths (media)
• Grenell: People of Kosovo and Serbia deserve economic normalization (media)
• Tomash Szunyog starts officially his duty as EU Ambassador to Kosovo (media)
• Hoti and Vucic set for Washington talks (PrishtinaInsight)
• Haradinaj: Kosovo with non negotiable principles at table of talks (media)
• Ex-KLA Commander Agim Ceku summoned by Specialist Prosecutor (media)
• Kosovo Specialist Chambers adopts legal aid regulations (RTK)
• Civil society establishes platform for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (Koha)

Serbian Language Media:

• One new case of Covid-19 registered in Serb areas in Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• “Washington’s recipe for Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, economy in service of politics” (RTS)
• Dacic: Outcome of talks depends on what one expected from them (RTS)
• Djuric in Washington: We have prepared wide range of projects (Radio KIM)
• Godfrey: Grenell won’t limit talks (Kosovo-online)
• UNESCO: We closely monitor situation around Visoki Decani Monastery (Kosovo)
• Abbot Janjic worried about Serbian monasteries in Kosovo (Nova.rs, N1)
• Brnabic: Jeremic and Tadic make comments, and did nothing regarding Kosovo (Tanjug)
• Serbian Assembly MPs give support to President Vucic ahead of Washington meeting (Radio kontakt plus)


• Trump Has a Fix for Kosovo. He’s Ignoring It. (Foreign Policy)


• 2020 elections in Serbia most controversial in last 20 years, new report finds (EWB)
• Latest US-EU Discord Bodes Ill for Balkan Stability (Balkan Insight)


• No test or quarantine: Serbian citizens can travel freely to 18 countries (B92)
• More companies opened than closed in Serbia in first half of 2020 (BETA, N1)

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Belgrade Media Report 3 September 2020

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Thursday 3 September 2020


Two-day meeting on Serbia, Kosovo begins at white house, on Sept. 3 (Beta)
O’Brien: Dialogue will promote peace, leaders’ commitment to both Belgrade and Pristina (RTS)
Dacic: The success of the meeting in Washington depends on the expectations (RTS)
Brnabic: It will be difficult in Washington, but there’s no one better for the job than Vucic (Happy TV)
Dveri: Vucic has no authority to negotiate about Kosovo’s status (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Presidency Chair Dzaferovic calls on Djukanovic to exert efforts to protect Bosniaks in Montenegro (BHT1)
Dodik: Stances Dzaferovic presented in conversation with Djukanovic are not stances of Presidency (ATV)
Post-election incidents in Montenegro continue; SDA: This whole situation resembles policy from 1990s; Other reactions from B&H (N1)
SDS sees outcome of Montenegrin elections as motive for political mobilization of supporters of RS opposition bloc, SNSD: SDS engages in mere politicking (RTRS)
Krivokapic: Attack in Pljevlja ordered by those who want to create ethnic tensions (O kanal)

Abazovic: Tensions are suitable for those who lost elections (CDM)
Coalition partners agree to get their act together to preserve fundamental values of Montenegro (CDM)
Djukanovic: Great Serbian national project has been revived (CDM)
DPS calls on citizens to rally in Podgorica on Sunday (CDM)
Milo calls Dritan, Dritan answers (Vijesti)
The European Commission expects calm and restraint in Montenegro (Dan)
CEMI: All actors of the election process have accepted election results (CDM)

Republic of North Macedonia

DUI’s Ahmeti testifies at Kosovo’s Special Court in Pristina (MIA)
President Meta: Only free and fair elections will clean the country from corrupt politicians (Radio Tirana)
Kosovo seeks labor market agreement in Tirana (Radio Tirana)
Former Interior Minister lobbied U.S. for silence about trial (Tirana Times)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 3

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• COVID-19: 112 new cases, six deaths (media)
• WHO official: Kosovo to increase PCR testing (Telegrafi)
• Hoti: No agreement in Brussels without mutual recognition (media)
• O’Brien looking forward to welcoming Vucic and Hoti to Washington (media)
• Serwer: “Trepca” and Gazivoda could be part of table of talks in Washington (Koha)
• Non-majority community arrangements, property to be discussed in Brussels meeting (media)
• Osmani: No peace possible without apology for crimes in Kosovo (media)
• Isufi: Dialogue will be interrupted if issues of Trepca and Ujman open (media)
• Hoxhaj: Basic principles determine if Washngton meeting is in accordance with Kosovo’s interest (Kallxo)
• Tahiri: First steps of recognition will be made in Washington (RTK)
• Nitaj: If there is no consensus on president’s post, new elections (media)
• North Macedonia Albanian Leader Testifies to Kosovo War Prosecutors (Balkan Insight)

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