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Belgrade Media Report 15 September

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Vucic: Serbs, united and unanimous, can overcome all adversities (Tanjug/RTS/B92)
Vucic and Patriarch Irinej discuss Kosovo (Tanjug/RTS)
Vucic to Nabhan: Serbia supports lasting peace and stability in the Middle East (RTV/Tanjug)
Trump spoke about Serbia (Tanjug/B92)
Djuric: Belgrade most sincere advocate of eliminating economic barriers in the region (Beta)
Djuric with Schieb about the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue (FoNet)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Plenkovic visits Mostar, meets Covic to discuss elections and political situation (Hayat)
Our Party’s Baralija slams Plenkovic’s statement about Mostar elections (Dnevni list)
RS and Serbia to mark Day of Serb Unity, Freedom and National Flag on Tuesday (RTRS)
Viskovic says relations of RS with Russia are at highest possible level, thanking Russian officials for preventing future negative influence of High Representative (RTRS)
Parliamentarians from RS dismiss Dzaferovic’s statement about B&H’s NATO path as unrealistic (Glas Srpske)
Dodik: Every language is named after people and I do not see why Bosniak language would be exception (ATV)
B&H CEC publishes preliminary lists and names of candidates for upcoming elections (Nezavisne novine)

EU has no comment on the announced lifting of sanctions against Russia (RTCG)
Reinke: US looking forward to partnership with the new government (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Parliament’s working bodies established (MIA)
State Department official: Democracy in North Macedonia is alive (MIA)

Electoral reform talks, no consensus in sight (ADN)
Soreca calls on Albanian politics to finalize appointments to the Constitutional Court (Radio Tirana)


How Donald Trump Used the Kosovo Conflict to His Advantage (The National Interest)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 15, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 71 new cases, one death (media)
• Zemaj urges parents, teachers to adhere to COVID-19 measures (media)
• Trump: Vucic and Hoti made their countries, Balkans and world safer (media)
• “Grenell says Trump plans to visit Kosovo” (Klan Kosova)
• Osmani: Democracy in Kosovo undermined by minority governments (Telegrafi)
• Romania’s position on Kosovo’s independence remains unchanged (Zeri)

Serbian Language Media:

• State Department posts Trump praise of Vucic, Hoti (media)
• Palestinian ambassador conveys to Vucic the concern over embassy relocation to Jerusalem (Beta, N1)
• Grenell: Vucic is tough negotiator, fights for Serbian people (RTS, Serbian Radio Chicago)
• EU: Washington documents mean Belgrade & Pristina commitment to US (N1)
• Belgrade to Berlin: US talks open room for ordinary people reconciliation (FoNet, N1)
• Vucic spoke with Patriarch Irinej, informed him on Kosovo negotiations (RTS)
• Fatherland Movement on Washington agreement (Radio KIM)
• Church in Babin Most, near Obilic, desecrated (Kosovo Online, B92, KIM radio)
• North Macedonia PM: Meeting with President Vucic about ‘mini-Schengen’ (N1)


• Trump’s Balkan agreement does Israel more harm than good – opinion (The Jerusalem Post)


• Kosovo’s Legal Aid for War Crimes Suspects Raises Concerns (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 15

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• COVID-19: 55 new cases, four deaths (media)
• Hoti to report to MPs on dialogue with Serbia (media)
• “Agreement with Serbia, in complete coordination with the U.S.” (media)
• Kurti: Serbia’s projects are old, Kosovo’s concessions new (media)
• Bajrami: Only Israel’s recognition is historic in Washington agreement (Koha)
• Coalition partners gathered again on Monday (media)
• Haradinaj: We won’t vote any other candidate except Ramush (media)
• Gjini: Vetevendosje initiated no-confidence motion to trap the PDK (KTV)
• Beqiri: No one in the LDK is celebrating Osmani’s departure (media)
• Djuric: Serbia will insist on speedy creation of the Association (media)

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