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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 11, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 50 new cases, five deaths (media)
• Hoti: France and Netherlands impede visa liberalization (media)
• Aliu accuses Hoti for granting ownership of Ujman lake to Serbia (media)
• Haxhiu: Kosovo’s Bosnianisation will not be allowed, Hoti should leave (RTK)
• Kosnett: U.S. and Kosovo to strengthen partnership against terrorism (RTK)
• Civil society: There was no transparency on Washington agreement (media)
• The United States, Kosovo and Serbia nominated for Nobel Peace Prize (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Two new cases of Covid-19 in Serbian communities, five patients recovered (Kontakt plus radio)
• Vucic says Serbia managed to open White House doors (media)
• US envoy: Serbia faces many burdensome political decisions (FoNet, N1)
• Moscow daily: New govt. will show if Serbia changes foreign policy (Beta, N1)
• Kosovo Police: Four graves damaged in Zakovo during works on water supply (Kosovo Online)
• Office for KiM: Serb cemetery desecrated in Kosovo (N1, Beta)
• Vukcevic: It is very strange, unbelievable that files of the Special Prosecutor’s Office were leaked (KoSSev)


• Hoti’s government is a sitting duck (Prishtina Insight)
• Jovic: Serbia is seriously approaching the US, it could become the main partner in the Balkans (N1, KoSSev)
• Non-agreement or why it takes (at least) two to reach an agreement (KoSSev)


• Unpacking the Serbia-Kosovo Deal (visegradsight.eu)
• Kosovo and Serbia – Israel’s Balkan blunder (The Jerusalem Post)


• WHO acknowledges: The end of the pandemic might be … (B92, Tanjug)

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Belgrade Media Report 11 September

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Vucic: I said ‘no’ at the toughest place in the world (RTS)
Vucic and Visegrad Group ambassadors: EU plays key role in Belgrade-Pristina dialog (Beta)
Borrell: Serbia expected to act in line with its aim – EU membership (RTS)
US envoy: Serbia faces many burdensome political decisions (FoNet)
Stano: Kosovo and Serbia should deal with arrangements for non-majority communities (Beta)
Varhelyi: Dialogue should continue, EU monitoring situation in Serbia (Beta)
Moscow decorates Serbia’s Defence Minister for military-technical cooperation (FoNet)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

US Special Representative for Western Balkans Matthew Palmer visits Mostar (N1, FTV)
SDS leader Sarovic: It is clear that Palmer was not interested in Dodik’s and Komsic’s initiatives (BN TV)
SDA leader Izetbegovic announces possibility of revision of lawsuit against Serbia for genocide (Nezavisne novine)

Agreement of the new parliamentary majority provokes controversy (Pobjeda)
Nimanbegu: We can’t forget what DF said (Pobjeda)
Medojevic: Movement for Changes supports the agreement (CDM)
New government is under magnifying glass of Brussels and Washington (Antena M)

North Macedonia
Dimitrov: Statements that cause insult or anxiety with neighbors not helpful (MIA)
MoFA: North Macedonia resumes heightened communication with Bulgaria through dialogue (MIA)

Corruption in Albania remains top concern for U.S. investors (Tirana Times)
Albania assists Kosovo with experts on justice system reform (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 11

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• COVID-19: 69 new cases, seven deaths (media)
• UN says more funds needed for coronavirus vaccine (VOA/RTV21/Kallxo)
• Kosovo and North Macedonia considering easing border restrictions (media)
• Hoti: We will respect agreement on Association (media)
• Tahiri: European Parliament confirmed support for visa liberalisation (media)
• Kosovo and North Macedonia considering easing border restrictions (media)
• Palmer: The U.S. happy with progress in Kosovo-Serbia negotiations (Koha)
• Grenell says he jokingly proposed renaming Ujman/Gazivode to Lake Trump (Klan)
• Limaj: No disagreements among coalition partners (media)
• Mustafa: We do not have agreement on President with AAK (RTK/T7)
• Israeli official: New embassy in Pristina to be opened soon (Koha)
• Vucic about Washington meeting: I did not sleep the entire night (RTK)
• Djuric: No agreement without Association of Serb-majority municipalities (Koha/Zeri)
• Serbia and Kosovo awkwardly embrace Israel (The Economist)

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