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Belgrade Media Report 07 September

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Agreement signed in the White House (RTS)
Economic Normalization document (B92, VIP)
The agreement ensures the progress of the entire region (RTS)
Vucic: Bilateral agreement with the USA, I am extremely satisfied (RTS)
Telephone conversation between Lavrov and Vucic (Beta)
Grenell: We did not do typical political thing (N1)
EU: All deals between Belgrade and Pristina must be in line with bloc’s rule (FoNet)
Sparks between Moscow and Belgrade? (VIP)
Peskov: Misunderstanding in Zaharova’s post, Serbs are a brotherly people (Tanjug)
Opposition in Serbia blasts Vucic in Washington (Beta)
Dacic: Important for Israel, U.S. that Kosovo opens embassy in Jerusalem (Tanjug)
Moving of embassy contrary to international law (Beta)
Vucic optimistic that talks in Brussels will yield results (RTS)
Vucic: Very good meeting with Varhely (Beta)
Vucic and Hoti to Borell: Belgrade and Pristina common goal is EU integration (N1)
Vucic: The most important and most difficult questions are coming to the table (B92)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

US Special Representative for the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer to pay visit to Sarajevo and meet B&H officials (Dnevni avaz)
Dodik: I will send request to presidency to relocate B&H Embassy to Jerusalem (Srna)
Dodik’s request for the relocation of the Embassy of B&H to Jerusalem, sparked the reaction of Croat Presidency member Komsic (N1)
Dodik: Foreign political agencies should not interfere in election process in B&H (BN TV)
Lukac sends letter to Sattler: RS MoI will not accept arrangements for defining of NCP for cooperation with EUROPOL (RTRS)

Djukanovic: Serbia pretends to secure some kind of compensation for lost Kosovo and there is Montenegro as first target that Greater Serbia nationalism wants (MNE News)
Tensions in Montenegro do not calm down after elections (N1)
Thousands of Montenegrins protest against announced ruling coalition (CDM)

Ruci hails the agreement reached between Kosovo and Serbia (Radio Tirana)
Meta decrees the date of the 2021 Parliamentary elections, April 25 (Radio Tirana)

There will be geopolitical consequences, Moscow warned Vucic (Kommersant)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 7, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 85 new infections, five deaths (media)
• Borrell: Dialogue in Brussels, dealing with all open issues (RFE, media)
• Vucic and Hoti with a joint statement ahead of their meeting in Brussels (media)
• Thaci: Agreement in Washington, result of a two year process (media)
• EU’s position on the opening of Kosovo’s Embassy in Jerusalem (Express)
• Gucati: Someone wearing glasses and a hat, brought four thousand files of the Special Court to our offices (Express)

Serbian Language Media:

• Five new cases of Covid-19, three people recovered in Serbian communities (Kontakt plus radio)
• Vucic: We harmonized the issues of the missing and displaced, opened the topic of the ZSO (Beta, N1)
• Borrell: It is not easy, we are here to find common positions (Tanjug, Kosovo Online)
• Very good meeting with EU’s Varhely, says Vucic (Beta)
• Palestine warned Serbia (media)
• Kommersant: There will be geopolitical consequences, Moscow warned Vucic (B92)
• Stano to daily Blic: Steps that would call into question the EU’s position on Jerusalem represent serious concern
• Vucic informs Lavrov about his talks in Washington and Brussels (N1)
• Dacic: We have closed Zaharova’s case, there is no doubt left concerning relations with Russia (media)
• Zakharova compares Vucic’s meeting with Trump to scene from ‘Basic Instinct’ (media)
• Analyst: Belgrade – Pristina agreement is also a message from the US to the EU (N1)


• Serbia Must Choose Soon Between Despotism and Rational State (Balkan Insight)
• Milivojevic: Vucic criticizes those who advocate a frozen conflict, while also leading the same policy (KoSSev)
• Trump was Real Winner From Kosovo-Serbia Deal (Balkan Insight)
• Kosovo and Serbia Sort of Agree to Sort of Disagree (Balkan Insight)


• Trump Says Balkan Rivals Serbia, Kosovo Agreed to Economic Deal (Bloomberg)
• Turkey ‘disappointed’ by Kosovo’s move to recognize Israel (The Times of Israel)
• Israeli ex-envoys blast deals with Kosovo, Serbia (jpost.com)
• Kosovo is a test of Israel’s moral character (jpost.com)


• QAnon Gets Foothold in Balkans, Claiming COVID-19 “Does Not Exist” (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 7

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• COVID-19: 92 new infections, seven deaths (media)
• Hoti meets Palmer, Lajcak: Pleased to see EU-U.S. coordination (media)
• Hyseni speaks after Brussels meeting: There is approximation of stances (media)
• Osmani: It took Vucic little more than 24 hours to breach the agreement (media)
• Stano: Agreement to be in line with EU legislation (Koha)
• Biden: Recognition between Kosovo and Israel, good news (RTK)
• Turkey calls on Kosovo not to open embassy in Jerusalem (media)
• White House publishes part of PM Hoti’s remarks (media)
• Grenell to German diplomat: Lift visas promised to Kosovo (media)
• Agreement point on Ujman Lake almost brought down Kosovo government (Koha)
• Judah: No winners or losers in Kosovo-Serbia agreement in Washington (Telegrafi)

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