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Belgrade Media Report 10 September

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Lajcak: Time to finish Belgrade-Pristina dialogue (N1)
Grenell: We have put the question of borders aside (Tanjug)
EU officials: Talks focus on final Serbia-Kosovo agreement (Beta)
Lavrov: Moscow supports any agreement on Kosovo reached voluntarily (FoNet)
Vucic to Putin: Serbia remains true Russian partner (RTS, B92)
Serbia won’t move its embassy to Jerusalem if Israel recognizes Kosovo independence (Beta)
Palestine ambassador to Serbia: I ask Vucic for audience and expect explanation (NIN)
Serbia to suspend military activities with all partners in the next six months (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Members of B&H Presidency meet with US’ Palmer (BHT1)
Tegeltija: US supports and calls on B&H for more commitment and work on reform path (ATV)
US’ Palmer meets reps of B&H HoP and HoR Collegium (Hayat)
US’ Palmer, HDZ B&H Covic: Euro-Atlantic integration is priority (FTV)
US’ Palmer and Nelson meet with ‘The Four’ to discuss B&H’s future and upcoming elections (FTV)
US’ Palmer for B&H dailies (Vecernji list)
Dzaferovic: Message that Pristina-Belgrade relations have nothing to do with B&H of key importance of meeting with US’ Palmer (FTV)
Dodik’s proposals on B&H joining the Mini Schengen Zone and relocation of the B&H Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to be discussed at special session of B&H Presidency September 17 (RTRS)

State symbols won’t be abolished, independence of Kosovo and cooperation with NATO are unquestionable (CDM)
Historical agreement or betrayal of DF voters? (Dnevne novine)
Medojevic: Masons from “Vijesti” are forming the government without me (Dnevne novine)

North Macedonia
VMRO-DPMNE stages protest (MIA)
Zaev-Varhelyi: EC to continue to help North Macedonia both in financial and HR terms (MIA)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 10, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 69 new cases, seven deaths (media)
• Decision on reopening of schools expected today (media)
• Kosovo and North Macedonia discuss easing of border restrictions (RFE)
• Minister Zemaj thanks OSF for donating funds to combat COVID-19 (media)
• Ambassador Szunyog meets Kosovo political leaders (media)
• Klinaku: Specialist Prosecutor’s Office communicated with authorities in Serbia (Klan)
• “Political instability, corruption hampering economic development” (Koha)

Serbian Language Media:

• Putin with Vucic on Kosovo: Russia’s unchanged position (media)
• Borrell: Serbia expected to act in line with its aim – EU membership (N1)
• Palestine envoy to Serbia: I ask Vucic for audience and expect explanation (media)
• Peskov: Russia does not consider Serbia’s decision to postpone military exercises a consequence of Western pressure (Tanjug, Blic, TASS)
• Stano: Resolving the status of non-majority communities is crucial (Tanjug, Kontakt plus radio)
• Media: Bilcik raised the issue of the participation of the Serbian Armed Forces in the exercise in Belarus (NMagazin)
• Government of Serbia: Decision to halt all military exercises and activities (Serbian media)
• Source tells Israeli daily Serbia won’t move embassy if Kosovo recognized (N1, The Times of Israel)
• EU diplomats: Belgrade-Pristina agreement within a year (Beta, N1)
• Property, one of the most difficult issues in Brussels (media)


• Biserko: Serbia’s manoeuvring space regarding Kosovo issue has shrunk (N1)


• Montenegro’s Change in Power has the Region Worried (Balkan Insight)
• How Israel justifies sudden recognition of Kosovo that has riled Serbia (The Times of Israel)
• ‘Living Yugoslavia’: Past Identity Becomes Present Political Statement (Balkan Insight)


• Dramatic warning and gloomy forecast of experts: facing ecology threats started… (B92, Tanjug)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 10

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• COVID-19: 76 new infections, six deaths (media)
• Hoti: Washington agreement, major step towards mutual recognition (media)
• Lajcak: High time to bring dialogue to successful end (media)
• Haradinaj-Stublla: Mutual recognition, a decade overdue (media)
• Palmer: U.S. sees no parallels between Kosovo and Republika Srpska (Koha)
• PM Hoti to visit Brussels again (media)
• EU official: Kosovo cannot apply for European Union membership (Koha)
• Haxhiu: Serbia recognises Kosovo when it gets association and resources (RTK)
• Selmanaj: AAK does not support LVV’s no-confidence motion (Koha)
• Erdogan has separate telephone conversations with Thaci and Vucic (media)
• Dzaferovic: U.S. reminded that Kosovo’s case has nothing to do with BiH (Sarajevo Times)
• Abazovic: I leave the government if derecognition of Kosovo is initiated (media)
• Russia welcomes Serbia, Kosovo economic normalization (Anadolu Agency)
• Trump’s Serbia-Kosovo Deal ‘Middle-Easternizes’ the Balkans (Balkan Insight)
• EC approves financial assistance to Kosovo (Zeri)

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