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Belgrade Media Report 21 September

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Dacic: By defending sovereignty, territorial integrity, we defend international law, UN Charter (RTV)
Odalovic: Opening of archives of international forces would shed light on fate of missing (RTS)
Madrid: Spain does not recognize Kosovo, deal with Belgrade is the solution (Beta)
Stoltenberg: NATO has no problem with Serbia’s weapon procurements (Kurir/FoNet)
Richard Grenell is coming to Belgrade (Tanjug/B92)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dodik: Meeting with Croatian officials yielded many positive results and can be assessed as successful (RTRS)
Covic: Division of B&H has never been on my agenda (Vecernji list)
Dodik says he wrote letters to Trump on several occasions and reason for that is current US’ policy of non-interfering in internal affairs of other countries (BHT1)
Lajcak: With new EC and high officials of EU, there is clear commitment Western Balkans will be in center of EU attention (Nezavisne)
Djukanovic again accuses Belgrade of interfering in Montenegro’s internal affairs (Face TV)
Abazovic claims that ‘URA’ will end talks with its partners if basic principles of their agreement are violated, completely rules out possible talks and cooperation between ‘URA’ and DPS (Face TV)
Zdravko Krivokapic’s interview for Face TV (Face TV)

Tensions between the three main opposition blocs, discussion over composition of new govt (CdM)
Abazovic doesn’t want Mandic, Medojevic, Knezevic and Milacic in the new govt (Pobjeda)
Bosniak Party ready to negotiate on joining new govt (Dan)
Picula: Moscow can’t overpower Brussels in the region (Pobjeda)


Next Year in Jerusalem: The Serbian Embassy and Kosovo Go On a Pilgrimage with Trump (Balkanist)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 21, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID – 19: 79 new cases, two deaths (media)
• Governments of Kosovo and Albania to meet on Friday in Shkoder (RTK)
• LVV reacts to Trump, says his approach rehabilitating of war criminals (media)
• Tahiri: Grenell in Kosovo to finalise agreements, they are historic (EO)
• Hyseni to receive salary equivalent to deputy minister (Prishtina Insight)
• PDK leader Veseli meets heads of chambers of commerce (media)
• Japan donates €800,000 to help Kosovo combat COVID – 19 (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• One new case of Covid-19 registered in Serb areas in Kosovo, six people recovered (KoSSev)
• Vucic to address UN General Assembly meeting on the occasion of the anniversary (RTS)
• Serbia joins UN call for global ceasefire during COVID-19 epidemic, FM Dacic says (Beta, N1)
• Kurti doesn’t know the way the SFRY functioned or how Gazivode was built, said Fatherland Movement (KoSSev)
• “If Bosniaks and Croats in B&H are for independent Kosovo, how they will prevent independence of RS” (BETA)
• Jevtic: Demolition of school in Drajcice impermissible (Radio KIM)
• Stoltenberg: NATO has no problem with Serbia’s weapon procurements (FoNet, N1)
• Israeli envoy to Serbia: We recognized Kosovo on September 4 (N1)
• Odalovic: Opening the archives of international forces would shed light on the fate of the missing (Kontakt plus radio, RTS)
• Djuric: EU to do its job and influence Pristina establish ZSO (Tanjug)
• US to abolish visas, Grenell on September 20 in Pristina (Danas, Index Online, Kosovo online)
• “If the USA abolishes visas for Kosovo citizens, it’s a slap in face of EU” (B92, Kosovo-online)


• Palokaj: The dialogue can enter an almost infinite process (Koha)
• Freund: Israel’s decision to recognize Kosovo is a major mistake (KoSSev, RTS)


• Kosovo Lawmakers Play Politics with Personal Data (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 21

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• COVID-19: Two deaths, 61 new cases (media)
• Zemaj: We will soon have a 500-bed hospital for COVID-19 patients (media)
• Trump: We are stopping mass killings between Kosovo and Serbia (media)
• Grenell: Implementing Kosovo-Serbia agreement, top priority (media)
• U.S. government delegation to travel to Greece, Kosovo, Serbia, Israel (media)
• Thaci: Kosovo, Turkey to strengthen strategic partnership (media)
• Pacolli welcomes Grenell’s visit, “strong proof of engagement” (media)
• Zogiani: Hoti helped Serbia to not recognise Kosovo (media)
• Abazi: Hoti-led government, a threat to national security (media)
• Haradinaj: Developments on the “Files” case do not help Kosovo (media)

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